Matt Badiali Advises Copper Bulls To Hang In

According to Matt Badiali’s research, copper demand far outweighs copper supply. Being armed with this knowledge, one would assume that the price of copper would be rising and not falling. Copper hasn’t been the greatest investment this year. Many investors who have purchased copper stocks may be wondering why copper has not been able to catch a bid. Matt Badiali advises these individuals not to panic. He too has been discouraged by the horrible price action of the metal, but he feels that in the long-term all the reasons to own the copper mining stocks will play out and those investors will be rewarded well for their patience.

Matt Badiali spent much of his life training to become a geologist. He traveled all over the world examining numerous resource assists. He took his knowledge as a geologist and has been able to apply it to make great investment recommendations. Mr. Badiali feels that irrational fear regarding the trade war with China and the United States is the reason that copper has been somewhat lackluster. A lot of analysts feel the trade war will cause a global recession. Mr. Badiali feels that the supply situation for copper is extremely tight. He cites several major corporations that are anticipating less copper production in the next few years, which will only worsen the current supply situation. As a geologist, he is familiar that getting a new copper mine into production can take several years and it usually takes longer than most anticipate.

Matt Badiali understands that short-term beatdowns on any asset can wear down an investors patience’s and make them second guess the investment. He reminds individuals that copper has a bright future. Many countries around the world are trying to go green and they will be investing very heavily in solar and wind projects, both of which will need copper. Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Exposed! The area that Matt Badiali is most excited about is the electric vehicle, which will require almost three-times as much copper as an ordinary vehicle. He feels that the supply shortages over the next few years are going to ignite a major bull rally in copper and the copper miners.

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Top Products For Hair Care For Wen By Chaz

Not everyone is lucky enough to have healthy, beautiful hair. If you are one of the people that do not have healthy hair, you might be looking for something that can help that problem. One of the best products to use to achieve healthy hair is Wen by Chaz. The products that you can choose from range in product and in price. Here are just some of the options that you can choose from when looking for new hair care products.


The classic cleansing conditioners are going to help your hair out by replacing a number of hair care products that you normally use on a daily basis to just one simple product. The one simple product can be used on its own or you can use other hair styling products alongside of the cleansing conditioner.


It you are someone who loves the scents of the season, you might be interested in Wen by Chaz Seasonal products. One of their top selling seasonal products that you might choose from is the Fall Ginger Pumpkin or you might enjoy the Fall Vanilla White Pumpkin. If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy the pumpkin smell, the Winter White Citrus is another top selling Seasonal product available on Amazon.


If you would like to smell like a fall harvest, the Fall Tuscan Pear is one scent that combines the presence of pear with rhubarb. The combination of the two is what is going to help your hair become more manageable as well as increasing the shine and bounce.


If you are interested in something more seasonal than that, the Winter Red Currant is another top selling seasonal item that WEN has available to clients. If you want something that is going to be around year round, the common Wen products include pomegranate and tea tree. If you want something that is sweeter smelling, the sweet almond mint is one of the top selling ingredients as well.



Embracing Anti-Aging Technology Sets Jason Hope Apart

Jason Hope is a futurist and a good one, at that. Hope has spent his entire career working to find tech innovation before it becomes mainstream, thus placing himself at the forefront of the pack when the tide rises. This kind of thinking helped Jason Hope to establish Jawa, a successful mobile communications company. Now, Hope is using his affinity for futurism in order to hone in on one of the most important industries in the world: biotechnology. Specifically, Hope is putting his name and reputation behind the importance of biotechnology in relation to treating age-related illness and disease.

Growing up and growing old is a part of life that nobody escapes and yet despite this fact, futurists like Jason Hope believe that there has to be a better way. Right now, in the world we live in, age-related disease and illness afflict an incredible number of our elderly population. While we look at problems like hypertension and Alzheimer’s as a part of life, this isn’t what futurists like Hope or clinical research facilities like the SENS Research Foundation truly believe. In fact, this shared belief brought the two parties together when Hope decided to donate half of a million dollars toward their cause.

As an established entrepreneur, Jason Hope is always looking for new opportunity in his field. This led him to research several different sectors of technology before settling on the work that is being done at the SENS Research Foundation. At the SENS Foundation, CEO Mike Kope and CSO Dr. Aubrey De Grey are working toward providing therapeutic solutions to those age-related illnesses that have caused humanity so much harm and suffering. Hope’s donation was received with grace at the Breakthrough Philanthropy event hosted by Peter Thiel and the Thiel Foundation. CEO Mike Kope announced that the donation would be put immediately toward boosting the research that is being done on Arteriosclerosis which leads to hardened arteries that contribute to hypertension and diabetes. Hope’s donation will be used toward turning this research into an actionable solution that might change the way we live and age for the rest of time.

How Renovia Is Helping Women Across the World Fight Pelvic Floor Disorder

Pelvic floor disorder is a problem that has been affecting women across the globe. It is estimated that close to 200 million women have in one way or another suffered from this dysfunction. Chaired by Marc Beer who also happens to be the co-founder, Renovia Inc., commonly known as Renovia is dedicated to free women from the chains of pelvic floor dysfunction.


Pelvic floor disorder occurs when the muscles of the pelvic floor are rendered weak and weary. Women that experience this problem may have difficulties with urination or bowel movements. This disorder only affects women and as they age, their chances to get affected increases as well. Learn more:


Renovia has set aside funds that are meant to fund this fight against urinary incontinence. Just recently the company allocated close to $42.3 million to finance this project. Part of this money will be used to fund clinical trials that are run by the company. Some of the other finances will be channeled to corporate development, future financial projects and the development of products.


Of the total $42.3 million, $32.3 million was in Series B equity while the rest of the money was in the form of venture debt. Perceptive Advisors and Ascension Ventures led in the financing of the Series B equity. Special mention goes to Longwood Fund, Cormorant Asset Management, Western Technology Investment and BayCross Capital Group who specifically acted as the advisor to Renovia.


In a statement, Marc Beer, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of Renovia, expressed his excitement to have the support of this group that comprises of leading players in the healthcare field. According to Beer, these investors share the same vision with his company which is to change the lives of millions of women around the world that suffer from pelvic floor disorder. He added that “formation of a digital health platform through combining innovative and sensory technologies can give our customers valuable data to inform new treatment options, drive greater technology and understanding of pelvic floor dysfunction and lower long-term healthcare costs.


Since its formation in 2016, Renovia has been in the leading front to develop a product that has the potential to positively impact the lives of the affected women. The company introduced the FDA-cleared device which helps in the isolation and directs optimal movement of the levator plate. Together with the full product pipeline, this devise is an example of the modern data management technology and patient-related applications that Renovia is using to provide real-time cost effective treatment. In addition, this technology helps the company to collect important progress data on women’s pelvic health.

Harnessing the power of digital health, Renovia is determined to help millions of affected women by providing cost-effective services for the pelvic floor disorder.

Nick Vertucci’s Rocky Path to Wealth and Success

Kass says that if you want to hear the story of a real person, this book is highly recommended. Earl Cline says that he read many books on real estate investing, but this book is entirely different, with real and objective stories and explanations. According to him, if you ever have to read one book about this particular type of investment, this is the right book.

Seven Figure Decisions is getting a lot of fame around Amazon as a highly successful, informative and objective book about decisions that wealthy investors make to improve their financial situation and to continue their legacy.

Nick Vertucci, the prominent author of the book, believes that wealth comes with risk. According to the investor, you “don’t strike it rich by playing it safe.” This is what his book is about: The risky decisions that successful people make.

Nick Vertucci is a real estate developer who has a fascinating story about investing and eventually losing everything he had because of poor financial management and decisions. As one of those highly successful businessmen, he was able to revert his situation and reinvent his whole life from the bottom. Nowadays, Vertucci is a highly successful and influential investor in the real estate industry, having taken the necessary risks to change his financial status forever.

In Nick Vertucci’s book, he inspires you to understand that it is tough to build a sizeable wealth if you are not willing to take risks and take the extra step. He is highly inspirational and will motivate you to leave many things behind that are not serving you anymore, preparing you to assume a new self that is willing to be bold and courageous and travel the extra mile that many won’t.

With Nick Vertucci’s book, you will be able to understand how taking risks can take you closer to your dreams and to your passion. You will be able to understand why not taking risks will take you too long to achieve anything and that there are unknown, less conventional paths that will help you achieve everything you wanted and more.

Nick started having a partner who would help him with a cash flow system where they would be able to bring in to the business and have an organized investment portfolio when he was a real estate developer. Nick Vertucci will talk about his strategies and what he did to change his life forever.

Paul Mampilly’s Ability to Recognize Bubbles Prevented Him from Investing in Bitcoin

Paul Mampilly was recently featured in Caleb Garvin’s article for the Daily Forex Report, “Paul Mampilly Has Struck Gold Again.” The article reveals that the investment expert is warning people against investing in cryptocurrency because it is a bubble that was ready to burst. He chooses his investments with great care, after hundreds of hours of research. He recognizes that cryptocurrency is by its very nature incredibly difficult to value. The value is dependent upon the public’s current opinion of cryptocurrency. If the public begins to realize the cryptocurrency isn’t worth as much as it is showing, the price will drop very quickly.

Mampilly revealed this isn’t the first time he has avoided an investment bubble. Many of his Wall Street friends and fellow investors encouraged him to invest in the bubble in the late 90’s. However, his astute impression allowed him to avoid the bubble that caused many of his friends to lose millions of dollars in the crash. The issue Paul Mampilly has with these types of investments is that people become incredibly attached to stock shares. When the public becomes excited, so does the investor, causing them to miss the signs that it is time to sell. Instead, they begin to watch their stocks take a nose dive and wait for it to go back up. However, the bubbles will often burst without showing many signs. By the time it goes down, many investors have lost their entire portfolio. Mampilly’s decision not to invest in Bitcoin shows he is a prophet with extraordinary insight into the investment world.

Paul Mampilly created his career in investing after he finished his BBA in Finance and Accounting from Montclair State University and his MBA from Fordham Gabelli School of Business. After completing his education, he went straight to Wall Street. He worked for companies like Bankers Trust Company as an Assistant Portfolio Manager. He later graduated to Senior Research Analyst for companies like Deutsche Asset Management and ING funds.

However, after spending nearly two decades working on Wall Street, Mampilly realized he no longer wanted to help the rich get richer. Instead, he helps average investors get more from their portfolio through his newsletter Profits Unlimited.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum the Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is the chairman and director of orthopedics at Bronxcare Health System in New York City, New York. He earned his Bachelor of Neuroscience at Brown University, graduating as magna cum laude in 1979. His medical and orthopedic education was finished at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University in the Bronx. He completed his residency at Montefiore Medical Center and his fellowship and Thomas Jefferson University. Before working at Bronxcare, he was working at his own private practice from 2000 to 2008, where he performed over 500 surgeries. As a lover of writing, he was also editor and writer for WebMD.


Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum sat down for an interview to talk about his life. His day to day work schedule is very hectic and consists of different tasks every day. There are some days where he sees one patient and has many meetings with different doctors throughout the day. There are other work days where he focuses solely on seeing patients. He prefers to be early to work because it is essential to maintain communication with other doctors, check in with the administration, and plan the day accordingly. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum believes that having the patients in mind first is key to doing the job.


One piece of advice Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum wishes he gave to himself as an 18 year old is to learn from others who took the same road as him. Having mentors are a valuable resource and something that is important in life because they know what it is like to bet to be in your shoes and have gained experience over the years. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum remains positive about future medicine and has the same drive he had as when he started out as a doctor. He has achieved making the quality of life of his patient’s much better through his dedication and passion, something seen as admirable.


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GreenSky Credit Looking for New Financing Options

Being able to gain access to credit when you need it is very important. One company that has been providing consumers with access to reliable loans for more than a decade is GreenSky Credit. This company entered the lending industry just as the financial crisis was hitting. While other lenders were closing down consumer lending wings, this company was continuing to provide new loans. Over the past decade, the company has continued to grow at a very fast rate. They are now a leading provider of consumer loans, which are generally used by people to complete home renovations, repairs, and property expansions.

There are many ways that GreenSky Credit is able to differentiate themselves from other lenders. While there are other private lenders available for online loan, GreenSky Credit has been able to grow at a quick rate due to the partnerships that they have with other lenders. When the company provides you with a loan, they are actually receiving the majority of the capital from a traditional bank. The company then is paid to originate and service the loan going forward. Since they are not required to raise their own capital, the company has been able to grow at a very fast rate.

Due to the great service and growth that the company has been able to achieve, they are continuing to gain interest from investors. GreenSky has gone through several rounds of venture capital and private equity raises. In this time, the company has been able to achieve a valuation that is well in excess of several billion dollars. Due to the continued growth, they are now looking for other ways to raise capital as well.

One of the main strategies that the company is considering today is taking the company public. The CEO, David Zalik, is looking into a variety of strategies that could be used to raise capital in the public markets. If they are able to raise more money through the public markets, it would free up a lot more ability for the company to grow, offer new services, and market to a broader audience.

The History of Herbalife Nutrition

Herbalife Nutrition is getting into the iced coffee business. The company recently announced plans to sell their Herbalife Iced Coffee which provides users with a burst of both caffeine and protein.


Herbalife Nutrition offers entrepreneurs a way to cash in on the company’s successes. There is a way to become an independent contractor for Herbalife Nutrition. These independent contractors are given much support along the way. They get support from their sponsor as well as from other people who have been independent contractors with Herbalife Nutrition longer.


Herbalife Nutrition began in 1980. The founder created a protein shake that helps to suppress the appetite of those who drink it. He thought of the idea after watching his mother die at a young age of obesity and malnutrition. To date, the original protein shake that was sold from the trunk of the founder’s vehicle is still the biggest selling product the company has.


The products Herbalife Nutrition sells are manufactured in Herbalife Nutrition facilities. They have facilities in China and the United States. The company headquarters are in California. They were incorporated in the Cayman Islands. The founder of the company is Mark Hughes.

Mark Hughes was the founder and CEO of Herbalife Nutrition until his untimely death at age 44. His death was attributed to a lethal dose of an anti-depressant and alcohol. The company was traded on the NASDAQ. Now it is traded on NYSE.


There have been lawsuits filed against Herbalife Nutrition. These lawsuits range from a suit by the US Federal Trade Commission. This suit claimed that the Herbalife Nutrition business model is a pyramid scheme. The company settled the suit without admitting wrongdoing. They agreed to pay their independent distributors the sum of $200 million USD.


Herbalife Nutrition entering into the iced coffee market is just a small step in the growth of the company. The company manufactures and sells a whole line of nutrition products. Some of these products include nutrition supplements, sports nutrition, weight management, and personal-care products. The jump into the iced coffee market is geared at the millennials. They added protein to the iced coffee packets and now it is considered a nutritious drink.


In conclusion, this article discussed the founding of Herbalife Nutrition. We discussed the founder and the original CEO. Also, talked about was the fact that Herbalife Nutrition is not immune to the many lawsuits a company must face.


Stream Energy Really Does Care About Their Community

More and more companies are incorporating some kind of philanthropic endeavor into the fabric of their mission statements. After all, consumers are becoming more savvy and eco friendly and like to believe that the good and/ or service they are buying is brought to them by a company that believes in giving back. Stream Energy is one such company.

Stream Energy is a unique company that offers energy service, phone service, security services, and virtual doctors visits. Their staff largely works independently as private contractors, managing customers and services for Stream Energy. One big thing that does bring all staff together is their charity work.

In fact, Stream Energy has such strong ties with the Texas communities they serve, that the energy company has started it’s own philanthropic organization; Stream Cares. Almost all Stream staff members support a cause or organization in their free time. Stream Energy has a long standing association with both the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. The staff members of Stream Energy have a reputation for helping where needed in a quick, efficient manner.

For example: Stream pairs up Hope Supply Co. to give homeless children what they need to have successful days in school. Hope Supply Co. makes sure that children have school supplies, clothing, and diapers when needed. Recently, Stream Cares and Hope Supply Co. Teamed up to send 1,000 homeless children to Dallas area water parks with their mentors for a day of fun.

Stream Cares also helped the organization, Once Upon A Lifetime provide a huge holiday dinner for Veterans and their families and an American Girl Christmas shopping party for Veteran’s daughters. Stream Cares also helps raise money and provide immediate aid for those in need due to drastic weather conditions like when Hurricane Harvey covered north Texas in 56 inches of water, or when tornados touched down one day after Christmas in 2016.

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