Securus Technology-Connecting, the Inmates with the Real World.

Despite the fact that people detained in correction units have done wrong things, does not mean that they do not deserve any love anymore. We still value them as family and friends. Not having a chance to communicate with them would kill the bond we once shared with them, because we don’t spend as much time as we spend with them when they are at home. Luckily the Securus Company under the leadership of Rick Smith has been able to solve this mystery for us.

Securus Company works with correction facilities in providing them with technology. It specializes in the criminal and civil technology. They focus on protecting the society without neglecting the detainees as well. Securus technology has come up with technology that allows the convicts to communicate with the outside world through both visual and voice calls. The prisoners are, therefore, able to keep in touch with the world.

Use of this technology for other purposes could adversely affect the security of the citizens. This is because it could be misused leading to prison breaks. The convicts who may run away may not be fully reformed causing harm to the world. Securus technology has considered this factor and coded the gadgets in a way that prevents such occurrences.

Their other detainees who have been locked up for decades. Such inmates may lose contact with the real world if not updated. This condition may affect the prisoners on being released. The Securus technology has come up with an embedded email that the prisoners sign up and gets updates on the developments of the world. This eases adjustments to normal life being released.

Securus technology has been very beneficial to us. It has helped solve many investigations using their gadgets. The Securus rates are also fair and affordable. Securus technology has revolutionized the world to a better place by considering both the security of the world without forgetting the inmates.


How Adam Milstein is changing the Face of Philanthropy

Why Antsemitism?

Currently, there are anti-semites taking pride casting off the Jewish people; they have delegitimized them to an extent where political institutions and even courts of law have turned their back against them. It is slowly encroaching our moral fabric, and such incidences need to be put to a halt. The onset of achieving this trait will involve knowing the persons behind anti-Israel campaigns. The move will also include creating a network of pro-Israel champions who will promote online discourse on the need for shunning such unprogressive ideologies.

Adam Milstein and Philanthropy

In beginning such a move, a personality that comes to mind is one Adam Milstein,  As a matter of fact, he is one leader who heart and soul breathe Israel. Coming from a business background with massive success in the real estate business, he has duly committed himself to fundraising, soliciting for legal support for the Jewish community both in America and back in Israel. Adam Milstein’s form of philanthropy navigates the common tendency of other personalities who only contribute money; his approach involves imparting the skills he has acquired in his life to the less privileged. Through his Milstein Foundation, Adam Milstein has dedicated a significant amount of effort in partnering with an organization that ensure are like-minded in this course of uplifting their fellow humankind.

Through his hands-on approach to philanthropy, he has fixed his eyes on uplifting the poor Jewish community through various channels. On such instances, he shares his wisdom on his Adam Milstein Podcast where he also features policy makers, opinion leaders, and activists in conversations that promote cohesion in the society. Adam Milstein has consistently shown a deep connection with the Jewish culture as he has always advocated for a culture of cooperation between the US and the pro-Jewish organizations.