Nutrisystem – Take Control of Your Life


Diet meal plans are great but they can tend to be expensive and hard to work into your budget but not all diet meals [plans cost the same. In fact, some are substantially more expensive than others and don’t even include all the perks of others.


Nutrisystem costs about $11.96 per day (according to and that includes three delicious meals and snacks. Nutrisystem offers three plans that range in price. The Basic Plan costs about $9.82 per day about $274.99 for four full weeks of meals and snacks. The Core plan is $10.54 per day and the cost for four weeks of meals and snacks works out to be about $294.99. The Uniquely Yours plan comes to about $11.96 per day and works out to be $334.99 for four weeks. This is the plan with the highest value and you get more menu options with this meal plan as well.


Similar meal plans will cost you as much as $134.96 per week or about $19.28 per day. If you want snacks that will cost extra.


With Nutrisystem you get great meals and snacks at a reasonable cost and you even get a money back guarantee. You also don’t have to pay for shipping fees or membership fees. You also get a guarantee of losing up to 13 pounds and 7 inches in just the first month. Whatever plan you go with you know it will be effective, affordable, and convenient and you have nothing to lose since you have a money back guarantee.


Nutrisystem offers meal plans that work out to be about $3 a meal which is much cheaper than eating out and very comparable to what you would spend at the grocery store. Plus, you don’t have to plan your meals, make grocery lists, shop for items, get them home and then have to cook your food. Nutrisystem is ideal for the modern pace of life that tends to be busy and hectic.


With Nutrisystem, you don’t just get great meals that are easy to incorporate into your busy day, but you also get the support of dietitians and consultants.