Robert Ivy: The CEO Leading The Charge At The American Institute Of Architects

For over a hundred years, the American Institute of Architects has been an organization that works for the betterment of the architectural industry in America. The organization was first founded with the intention of enforcing regulations and standards within the industry and now has transitioned into an organization that works for the development of the field and also for the improvement of society and the projects that architects undertake as a whole. When the organization first came into existence, there were no regulations within the sector. People didn’t need a license to be able to be an architect, which often led to a waste of money and resources on sub-par projects. The founders enforced for a license to be issued on a completion of an architectural degree, which also at the time was not usually available to people. Through the years, the American Institute of Architects had indeed played a massive role in shaping the field to what it is today.

The organization has seen a lot of success over the years, and one of the main reasons for this was the leaders who were guiding the company. Some of the most prestigious members of the field have become leaders at the American Institute of Architects, standing as their CEOs, Presidents and on the board of directors. Currently, the American Institute of Architects is being led by Robert Ivy, who is considered to be one of the most learned people in the industry.

Ivy has led a brilliant career since he first started working in the industry. Soon after attaining his degree, he began working at an architectural firm that was run by some of the biggest names. During his entire career, he has worked with a wide range of clients, offering them his expertise in architecture and helped them bring their visions to life.

In addition to working as an architect, Ivy has also worked for a number of architectural publications. At one point, he stood as the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record and served as a notable member of the board. He was responsible for the workings of the company and helped it grow immensely and acquire a larger readership.

In addition to all the work that he has done, Ivy is also a published author who wrote a book on Fay Jones, who was one of the most notable architects in the country, and who paved the way for future members of the field.

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