Madison Street Capital reputation as global investment advisor

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm which operates globally. The firm has its main offices in Chicago although it operates in other regions such as Africa and Asia. The firm is headed by CEO Charles Botchway, who also co-founded the firm. Madison Street Capital mainly offers financial solutions to middle-level market businesses. Charles Botchway started this firm because he saw that apart from just financing a business, there are other services in the financial sector that businesses need to be assisted with. Businesses normally need services in restructuring, mostly due to the growth if they are in need of any assistance as far as managing its business life is concerned.


Madison Street Capital reputation helps the middle-market level businesses to grow. Most of these companies do not have experience on things like debt management which can be very risky for the business. These businesses need to attract equity investors, and this can only happen when they have good balance sheets. When equity investors step into a business, they will claim a shareholding in the company. In essence, they will be entitled to a share of the profits that the business makes. Many startups will find themselves in this problem because they cannot manage their debt-equity appropriately. Madison Street Capital now steps in such situations and help the owners of such businesses to manage their debt without the equity investors. In short, Madison Street Capital will have assisted the owner of the business to retain control of the business.


Another support that Madison Street Capital gives to the businesses is helping them with managing risks and taking advantage of the benefits. Equity financing may not involve a debt but will still need you to give up a stake in the business. Equity financing is normally a long-term commitment. The decision to finance with equity or debt is a choice that business will have to make. Currently, debt financing may be a huge issue since banks have tightened lending regulations. At the same time, private equity marketers have increased, meaning that it is easier to raise equity financing than it is to get debt financing.


To succeed in business, one needs to have a clear plan that will drive growth. A business must set its eyes on the short and long-term goals. To manage the two, business owners need to focus on investments, financing, and distributions. Mr. Botchway says that when the valuation of a business is being done, the focus should be on internal and external factors.


According to a, Madison Street Capital recently facilitated the merger of two IT industry firms; DCG Software Value and Spitfire. The two have combined forces so that they can provide better services to in software valuation.


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