Successful Software Entrepreneur William Saito and His Insight on Cybersecurity

Many of the most accurate, factual and deliberately comprehensive articles that William Saito has written are found in Forbes. It is there that people can learn the most insightful ideas that William Saito has about the pressing challenges, demands and issues that companies face while operating in a complex digital environment. And this includes cyberattacks and cybersecurity. In one article from Saito featured in Forbes, he even cited some of the factors that a company should consider to empower a company’s staff in addressing such challenges.


He cited in the article that right now, companies are still struggling with cybersecurity. They still haven’t gotten the right, most secure programs that can protect them from what Saito would call ransomware. There’s also evidence that the threat of cyberattack is even getting more intensified as the hackers are becoming more sophisticated. It is then important to get the right security programs that would empower the I.T. specialists in the company to do what they’re supposed to do.

EU is a great trading partner for Japan: William Saito

In town for Interpol World 2017, William Saito, special adviser to Japan’s cabinet, talks about the Japan-EU trade deal and the third arrow in Abenomics.

One of the many ways to address such cybersecurity issue is first not to blame the victim. The I.T. personnel who are doing their best to protect the data of the company should not be ostracized. Even if the issue is already remedied, it’s still safe to say that the bad guy is still out there, preparing for another attack. Saito also added that the usual idea of disconnecting from the internet would also not be a solution. It is harder to protect a computer without an internet. It’s harder to update its anti-malware software and other tools to battle the online threats once it becomes connected to the web, or when a USB drive is connected to it.

Saito also shared that disabling the WIFI or banning the workforce to use any internet connection in the company is also not the most intuitive way to address the problem. The best way so far is to make sure that there’s an automatic system in the database that alerts the company’s I.T. if there’s a suspicious digital activity in the company’s network.

About William Saito

William Saito is the famous software entrepreneur from Japan who was a former political strategist to the country. He was also the founder and owner of I/O software company, which he was able to successfully sell to Microsoft in 2000 when he was only 34 years old. He is also Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year in 1998.



Betsy DeVos Keeps Up the Fine Fight

The News on Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos was appointed as the Secretary of Education by President Trump. DeVos is a 59 year old Republican woman who is an avid believer in charter schools. DeVos is a mother herself, and she was highly involved in her children’s education. That is the basis for her strong belief in parents right to decide what type of education that their children should receive. Devos is the wife of a Dick DeVos. They are both individuals who come from wealthy families. Betsy and Dick DeVos have donated millions of dollars to different charitable funds that focus on education and culture.


Trump and DeVos

When President Trump decided to appoint DeVos as the new secretary of state, he had faith in her decision making capabilities, but he and DeVos did not agree on everything. President Trump recently made the decision to revoke a policy in favor of transgender students using bathrooms that matched their gender identity. DeVos was not in agreement with this decision, and she decided to meet with a representative of these transgender students at the Department of Education. Devos wanted to warn representatives of the decision that was made. Even though DeVos and Trump did not agree on this decision, it did not cause any issues in the Trump administration.


DeVos and Her Fights

In the state of Michigan, Betsy DeVos is a woman who is respected and loved. DeVos grew up in the Michigan, and her husband even ran for governor of Michigan. DeVos and her husband received private education, and they made the decision to send their children to private schools as well. In spite of her lack of experience in public schools, DeVos still has an understanding of the results that come from public schools in comparison to the results that come from charter schools. Both schools rely on public funding, but charter schools give poor families the opportunity to put their children into a more competitive atmosphere. DeVos also supports private religious schools and schools that are run by for-profit companies. Because of DeVos’ dedication to education, Detroit has the largest concentration of public schools. Even though the public schools in Detroit have been deemed some of the worst in the country, DeVos is relentless in her fight to improve education.


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Marco Antonio Marques da Silva Gets Honored by PUC

Criminal Law Professor Marco Antonio Marques da Silva Gets Honored by PUC

With mastery and experience in criminal law, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva has served Brazil’s justice system since 1983. He is currently a judge for the Court of Appeal in Brazil, Sao Paulo. After joining the State Judiciary, he went on to serve in the cities of Monte Alto, Palmeira D’Oeste, Diadema and Sao Paulo. Marco Antonio Marques da Silva made significant strides in his career, earning promotion to become a substitute judge in 2002 and later on becoming a judge of the Court of Appeal in 2007.


Marco Antonio Marques da Silva was born in the city of Itapetininga, Brazil in 1985. He already knew that his heart was in law by the age of 15. He did exactly that. In 1977, he began his studies at the Pontifical Catholic University and graduated with his degree in 1981. After completing his four-year studies, he decided to specialize and pursued a masters and doctorate in the same university. He further engaged in a postdoctoral fellowship at the Law Faculty at Coimbra in 2005.


By 1982, he was already a professor of Criminal law at PUC and still teaches there. Earlier on this year, he was honored by Pontifical Catholic University in Sao Paulo. The institution named an auditorium at its Perdizes Campus after him. The ceremony was headed by the university president Dirceu de Mello, who was once the president of São Paulo State Court of Appeal. Marco Antonio Marques da Silva was praised for his dynamism and for helping the institution in the construction of the new auditoriums.


More words of praise came from Ricardo Sayeg, a tenured professor at PUC and a lawyer. He honored the magistrate on behalf of the Faculty of Law, pointing his contribution to the profession through his literary works. Marco Antonio Marques da Silva has written 13 books and 40 articles. Sayeg referred to Marques da Silva as one of the treasures in the Faculty of Law. At the university, he is a figure that fills the entire fraternity with pride and sense of belonging. What’s more, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva is highly esteemed and recognized by his fellow professors and teachers, not only as a master of the law but also as a good and loyal man.



The difference that Perry Mandera is making in the lives of people

The career of Perry Mandera in the field of logistics and transportation has been one long one. He is the CEO of The Custom Companies and the founder of the company too. Perry has been in the field of transportation from 1976 that has been the reason for the experience gained of over the 40 years he has been serving the needs of the customers in the country at large. That has made up the history that he has in business and making up the success story too. The career path of Perry Mandera began as he offers his services to the marines, a time in his life that he likes to speak fondly off.

When he was offering his services, he was the one that dealt with transporting the troops and supplies, a pursuit that has been of help so that to see the difference that shipping services can bring so that to achieve the larger goal. The experience that he gained in the marine helped so much, but when asked about the service the thing that Mandera remembers is the deep connection he shared with his fellow workmates. That was the accomplishments that he focuses on that he achieved. After the end of his services, that was not the end for Perry Mandera drive to service he decided that he was going to run for office. That is what led to him being appointed the Republican Ward Committeeman representing the 26th ward in 1984, where he offered his services for four years. During his service, he was the youngest to serve in the post.

Perry Mandera places a lot of emphasis on the fact that he offers his best to the charitable organization. It’s clear of so many ways he uses so that to help the community and anyone else that may need his help. When possible, Perry will donate his time to charity programs that are designed so that to help the peoples that are less fortunate. The thing that Perry Mandera will emphasis on is those children that are in need he will ensure that he offers his support to them together with giving them the clothing and transportation services.

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Perry Mandera: Changing the Face of Philanthropy

Johanan Rand’s Solution to Physical Ailments

Johanan Rand is responsible for revolutionizing the treatment of various health conditions through his integrative approach. He specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation, a medical field incorporated in medicine in 1947. The relatively new field of medicine focuses on whole-body treatment processes. Johanan Rand’s approach is efficient due to his ability to combine different therapeutic models instead of using them in isolation. Also, he uses individualized treatment to ensure that each patient receives medical care that suits his or her particular ailment.


Primarily, Johanan Rand focuses on treating age-related issues which include but not limited to stress, depression, erectile dysfunction, anxiety, and mood swings. He can suppress the conditions by combining hormonal therapies with physical exercise and dietary options. Among the most notable treatment methods used by Johanan Rand is ‘blood work,’ a test done to show the current health state of a patient. For instance, it detects the minerals and vitamins levels in the body, and the results are used to develop an individual plan for supplemental nutrition. Thus, patients are guaranteed a good state of health.


Hormonal therapies do not only help prevent age-related issues but also in countering chronic diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. This is more so through using bioidentical hormones produced by humans, and that balance the hormonal level in our bodies. Through hormonal therapies, Johanan Rand has managed to contain symptoms better than the conventional methods of using synthetic hormones on patients. Consequently, most of his patients have been able to live a more fulfilling life.


Johanan Rand is the head of Healthy Aging Medical Centers which primarily focus on alleviating health conditions that arise from old age. Having been educated in Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York, Rand chose to pursue Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation to provide more effective and inclusive treatment methods for his patients. He is involved in teaching the medical community about his unique approach to health problems, and is currently writing a book, ‘It’s not too late to live past 100’ that informs on how to deal with anti-aging conditions.



Stansberry Research Continues To Give Sound Financial Advice

Stansberry Research is a publishing company that is on a mission to help give every day people sound financial advice. The company has a great track record in providing its’ clientele with profitable investment opportunities that can’t often be found anywhere but on Wall Street. The company began in 1999 and has grown to be a global entity.


Recently, Stansberry Research has been in the media’s spotlight. There have been several pieces published highlighting their history of success. recently published an article that discussed the advice Stansberry Research editor’s were giving about purchasing stock in Walmart.


The article discusses why the professionals at Stansberry Research like Walmart for an investment choice. The publication discussed how, despite recent drops in the stock price, Walmart is a great investment for the long term investors. It also discussed how Dan Ferris, editor of Stansberry Research’s publication “Extreme Value”, had promoted the buying of Walmart’s stock for over a decade.


Stansberry Research is one of the leading distributors of financial investment advice and various journals, magazines, and other works. People who are interested in perusing these publications can subscribe to the ones of their choosing. These publications cover a variety of investment topics such as stocks, bonds, dividend investing, precious metals, energy, and more. The company also offers a variety of communications that are available to the general public without a paid subscription.


The writers and editors at Stansberry have a collective experience in finance that exceeds a hundred and fifty years. These individuals have dedicated their lives to sharing their vast experience to enable others to reach their financial potential. These professionals include Steve Sjuggerad, Dr. David E. Frig, Dan Ferris, David Lashmet, Justin Brill, and many others. Porter Stansberry, the founder of the company, also regularly contributes his advice to the various publications.


An Insight Into The Successful Career Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

In his role as the president of the Bradesco Bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi presents a personality of being more than an executive. For the seventy years the bank has been in existence, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi comes in as the fourth person to be president of the entity. He has driven the bank since 2009 under unquestionable leadership leading it to be Latin America’s largest financial institution.

Luiz Carlos was born in Marilia, a place the legendary former Bradesco’s president was born. He has a Bradesco culture in him, possessing a style of doing things common to other central leaders of the bank. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences, and Letters from the University of Sao Paulo. Besides, he holds a post-graduate degree from the Sao Paulo’s School of Sociology and Politics.

Cappi began his career at the bank at the age of eighteen in 1969. He crossed through diverse positions in the entity for the four decades between the time he joined the bank to his appointment as the president. He was appointed the department director in 1984 after which he was promoted to Managing Director Executive in 1998.


His exemplary performance has seen him rise to be the executive vice president of the bank. He took over Bradesco Seguros management in 2003, a position he held till he was appointed the bank’s president.

Under Luiz Cappi’s management, Bradesco Seguros performance attained a high level. For six years, the company’s size doubled from an asset base of R $ 32 billion in 2003 to R $ 78 billion in the financial year ending 2008. Under his leadership during the first full fiscal year, the return on equity rose from 22% to 29%. Through his mandate, the rate never went below 27%. The bank’s participation regarding the group’s results rose from 26% to 35%.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, throughout his career, is known to be a performer. He took over the Bradesco Bank at a time it faced several economic challenges which threatened its continued existence. Through his experience in various divisions in finance, determination, hard work, leadership qualities and efficiency, he steered the bank back to being a leader in the market.

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TeenSafe Company

TeenSafe is a subscription service for parents of children between the ages of 7 and 17. The firm provides smartphone monitoring and tracking services. All a parent needs to do is log in using their email account and get booked at TeenSafe. They charge a monthly fee of $14.95. The application is handy as one can see the interactions that happen in the child’s phone. It is helpful in such a way that no matter how cyberbullying is rampant, your child will be secure. The following are examples of the tasks the firm retrieves: Sent and received, and deleted SMS and iMessages, Call logs of sent and received phone calls.


They also show the device location and location history, web browsing history, bookmarks, and contacts, and messages sent via WhatsApp and Kik messengers. Many parents would wonder if their kids would get to know of their dealings. However, every parent is different. There are those who will keep it a secret while there are others who openly tell their kids. Such open parents often win since TeenSafe is not a secret look into the agency. It is there to prevent teens from misusing their smartphones. They encourage open relations because, in case of a problem, the family can sort the issue unlike in the other situations where actions may be a bit rash.


Recently, TeenSafe made it to the Guardian newsletter. What made the difference from past times is the international applause it received. The title of the news article read, “How can I control my child’s social media use?” Their kids have in the recent past blocked parents out of their social media platforms. The Guardian has discussed the topic in length. No age restriction has made parents feel as if they are powerless over their kids. With no age requirements when opening an account, the transcription has caused parents sleepless nights. Governments have set the minimum age limit at 13. Many social media handles follow this policy. The owner of the phone also comes in the way when trying to set social media boundaries. Control becomes tricky as the phone belongs to the teen and not the parent.



Christopher Linkas Highly Influential and Successful Commercial Real-Estate Investor and Consultant

The real estate sector has a lot of scope regarding investments, especially if you are looking to invest in the commercial real estate. Christopher Linkas is a well-known investor in the real estate sector and believes that people who are looking for significant returns from their money should not overlook investing in commercial real-estate. He graduated in 1991 from Bowdoin College and went on to immediately start working in the commercial real estate field. At the time he joined the real estate industry, it was going through a rough period of recession, and Christopher Linkas believes that it is what helped him sharpen his investment strategy in the real estate area. Working at a financial consulting firm that offered repackaged loans helped Christopher Linkas get the experience necessary to understand how the business world is linked with the real estate.


Later on, Christopher Linkas moved to investment management and credit business that had him move to New York, where he got deeply involved with commercial real estate and opportunistic debt. Over the years, Christopher Linkas has experienced and firmly believes that commercial real estate investment has many more benefits than investing in other forms of investment tools. First of all, Christopher Linkas thinks that investing in most of the other investment options depends heavily on the moves of the stock market, whereas investment in the commercial real estate would help in insulating the investments to a certain degree in an event when the stock market goes through a volatile and sluggish period.


Christopher Linkas added that one must, however, do their research and carefully select the property they are investing in and the location of the property. Also, one must ensure that the property they are investing in is located centrally and in a densely populated area. The properties in metropolitan areas with dense population have demanded all the year round, and the market prices of these properties rarely fluctuate beyond belief. It would help you anchor your investments and also help you get generous returns in due course. Christopher Linkas believes that investing in the commercial real estate is low-risk and assures of providing significant returns.


Custom Companies miles ahead of the rest.

The Custom Companies is a full service transportation company. Where they take pride in having a collective transportation solutions, all under one roof. Customer service is an aspect of their business that is very important to them. Custom Companies states that they reason of their growth is due to their customers who has afforded them the opportunity to service a wide variety of transportation needs.


Some of the services that Custom Companies offer are domestic and international air freight, direct mail distribution, logistics management, and pick and pack services just to name a few. There are even more services that can be utilized through the Custom Companies.


Custom Companies main focus is their customers. Their success starts with what they like to call their custom culture. Rather working with a very large and well noted company or the small business owner, that is a pillar in his neighborhood. Custom Companies are there to respond to the needs of that particular company. Custom Companies attitude to make things happen and do it right the first time gives them an edge in the transportation industry. They do not make excuses they just get the job done and done correctly the first time. It has often been said that if you do not have time to do it right the first time, you surely do not have time to do it again. Custom Companies can do attitude and their team spirit just overflows in to their work.


Custom Companies listen to the suggestions and the needs of their customers. So much so that their website was design using the feedback and recommendations of the very customers that they serve. It offers comprehensive ways to get shipment information. From tracking to accounting documentation. As well as detailed customized online reporting.


Custom Companies put their customers first. It shows in so many ways. That could very well be, why they have been around for three decades and still going strong.