Hear Ye Budding Entrepreneurs, Glen Wakeman Is Ready To Hold Your Hands

One wish that every starting entrepreneur around the world has is a man to hold his or her hard in the difficult journey that lays ahead. Starting a business is not an easy task let alone running it. It comes with the fear of the unknown and most importantly the fear of disappointed. However, for every person hoping to start a business, there is a man ready to hold your hand through the rough journey and his name is Glen Wakeman.

Glen Wakeman started the Launchpad enterprise, and as its name suggests, it is meant to oView postffer budding an entrepreneur the pad to launch their careers to greater heights that are only limited by their dreams. The SAAS online business offers company with the right advice and tips to see them grow. Glen Wakeman established the 5- step plan to help the budding entrepreneur find the initial steps of entrepreneurship easy to wade through. The online tool is made of 5 components that include; marketing, entrepreneurship, operations, talents, finance and risk management. The online tool is built in such a way that it helps the entrepreneur critically asses the pros and cons of their business plan.

Glen Wakeman is a man with a big heart and one that main inspiration is to help the upcoming talents of entrepreneur come to the main market. With him is over 20 years experience working with one of the largest companies in the world.

Glen Wakeman is a graduate of University of Chicago with a Masters in Business Administration majoring in finance. Before that he got he had a bachelor of Science in Economic and finance.

Glen Wakeman is a man that not only wants to but also needs to hold the hands of every entrepreneur if they want to be the next fortune company.



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