Betsy DeVos Keeps Up the Fine Fight

The News on Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos was appointed as the Secretary of Education by President Trump. DeVos is a 59 year old Republican woman who is an avid believer in charter schools. DeVos is a mother herself, and she was highly involved in her children’s education. That is the basis for her strong belief in parents right to decide what type of education that their children should receive. Devos is the wife of a Dick DeVos. They are both individuals who come from wealthy families. Betsy and Dick DeVos have donated millions of dollars to different charitable funds that focus on education and culture.


Trump and DeVos

When President Trump decided to appoint DeVos as the new secretary of state, he had faith in her decision making capabilities, but he and DeVos did not agree on everything. President Trump recently made the decision to revoke a policy in favor of transgender students using bathrooms that matched their gender identity. DeVos was not in agreement with this decision, and she decided to meet with a representative of these transgender students at the Department of Education. Devos wanted to warn representatives of the decision that was made. Even though DeVos and Trump did not agree on this decision, it did not cause any issues in the Trump administration.


DeVos and Her Fights

In the state of Michigan, Betsy DeVos is a woman who is respected and loved. DeVos grew up in the Michigan, and her husband even ran for governor of Michigan. DeVos and her husband received private education, and they made the decision to send their children to private schools as well. In spite of her lack of experience in public schools, DeVos still has an understanding of the results that come from public schools in comparison to the results that come from charter schools. Both schools rely on public funding, but charter schools give poor families the opportunity to put their children into a more competitive atmosphere. DeVos also supports private religious schools and schools that are run by for-profit companies. Because of DeVos’ dedication to education, Detroit has the largest concentration of public schools. Even though the public schools in Detroit have been deemed some of the worst in the country, DeVos is relentless in her fight to improve education.


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