Victoria Doramus, giving back to society.

Victoria Doramus is an iconic digital and print media professional. She graduated from the University of Colorado with a Bachelors of Arts in mass communication and journalism. Victoria has an extensive background and knowledge in communication, media, branding, and advertising. She is known of her innovative and creative mind in combining her fields of expertise to develop unique brands. She has a long successful history in the media industry. She has worked in multiple media organizations where she has played several roles in the TV and film industry. While performing her tasks, she was exposed to expand her expertise further as well as learn new skills.

After a long and successful professional life, Victoria has currently embarked on charity activities on a full-time basis. Some of her most notable charity activities are directed to organizations that help women recover and establish their lives after prison as well as those that seek to help animals. Victoria Doramus has regarded this as her new passion. She is motivated by her desire to help others succeed. Towards this passion, she has exhibited great dedication and commitment. Having experienced difficulties and numerous challenges, she knows how important it is to help others.

The most recent charity work by Victoria Doramus was a project involving the Best Friends Animal Society. According to her, people are not the only ones who require help. Animals need help too. In this regard, Victoria in conjunction with the organization mentioned above is on a mission on trying to stop animal killings in America by building them shelters across the nation. The organization have been on a mission to save old, sick, and unwanted pets since the 1980s.

Victoria provides support to this organization because she firmly believes animals needs care no matter their age or how undesirable they are. She believes that by working together, they can save all unwanted animals and pets. Amazingly, Victoria Doramus brings success with her to any organization she joins. Since she joined the organization, she has been able to initiate fund drives and campaigns to build more shelters for animals across New York where the animals get medical attention and the love they deserve.

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