Stream Energy

Stream Energy is a tremendous energy company that distributes energy services to individuals across the state. In 2005, Stream Energy was founded, and it is now a billion dollar company that has branches in seven regions. The company has over the years tried its best in creating a better world by creating opportunities in the community. This they have done by creating an arm that is responsible for emergency assistance and charity. The arm is known as Stream Care Center and is the department that is responsible for creating sustainable strategies in the community. Stream Care Center primary strategy is to offer a helping hand to individuals that are affected by natural disasters and provide basic and secondary needs to the individuals that cannot afford it. Over the years, Stream Energy has funded the efforts of Stream Care to help people and provide financial assistance. The efforts of Stream Care have been relentless, and the patch recognized them.

On the fifth of March last year, they were featured in the magazine for their efforts and participation. Stream Care is a company that has worked with other corporations to provide help. One company that they have worked with tirelessly is the Hope Supply Company. This company works in Dallas to curb the poverty that exists. It provides basic needs to homeless people and also educational opportunities to the homeless children. Through this, the Hope Supply Company hopes to get the people off the streets and into good jobs and homes. Stream Care’s partnership with Home Supply Company has been continuing for four years now. Stream Care is deeply involved in emergency assistance during natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornados.

In the year 2016, Texas was hit by a tornado that rendered a lot of people helpless and homeless. The tornado destroyed billions of property and homes. Stream Care was part of the recovery team as well as the Salvation Army. This partnership brought a lot of refuge to the individuals that were affected by the tornado. Stream Energy also helped the people of Houston when they experienced a hurricane. The efforts of Stream Care are very evident in helping society.

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