Fortress Investment Group’s History and Future continues on the rise

Fortress Investment Group which was founded in 1998 has two co-chief Executive officers Peter L. Briger, Jr. located in San Francisco and Wesley R Edens who resides in New York, where the world headquarters are presently located. As of September 2018 Fortress Investment Group had over 40 billion in assets under management.

Wesley Edens has ventured into the sports world which includes joining the NBA in 2014 with ownership, as Herb Khol owner of the franchise the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team agreed to terms. These terms consisted in ownership in a three way split now including Wesley Edens and Marc Lasry. Also in July of 2018 he bought a large part of the English soccer club called “Aston Villa”.

Peter L. Briger, Jr. co-founded Goldman’s Special Situations Group in 1997 at Goldman Sachs and achieved very high profit percentages. Briger, Jr. has become very wealthy over the years profitting from others bad situations. The Fortress Investment Group welcomed Briger, Jr. in 2002 when he joined the team and is leader of the real estate and debt Securities businesses for Fortress Investment Group.

I’ve read many reviews about the Fortress Investments Groups employees and from what I’ve gathered most employees like working in the office setting which is hard, fast paced business with great management opportunities.

Very intelligent people are employed there with an office atmosphere and professionalism continuing throughout the chain of command. Many employees who seem to get there start at Fortress Investment Group go on to have fulfilling long wealthy careers in the hedge fund industry.

As it’s known a lot of people go there right out of college to learn basic information and further their career in the hedge funds industry. With hungry college students graduating and coming right out of college in the financial industry they are ready for these fast-paced places. With the economy on the rise stocks are booming, creating young, wealthy, hard-working millennials.

Wise graduates are getting great leadership from elders in the industry with productive long hours and commitment to experience and excellence, wealth is a certain in the future of any young individual.

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