Genucel: The Nature of Aging Gracefully

Aging is one of the sometimes hard-to-swallow facts of life, and chasing the “Fountain of Youth” has been depicted in numerous ways over the course of many years. And although we must accept that aging is inevitable, Genucel is helping people around the globe achieve something close to finding that elusive fountain, with nature-based products that promote aging gracefully.


Genucel is manufactured by a company called Chamonix, whose founder, a pharmacist named George Faltaous, has been creating anti-aging solutions since 1999. The difference between Mr. Faltaous and everyone else in the world of anti-aging products was his focus on, and inspiration from, nature in his formulations, versus their focus on chemical-based solutions created in labs.


So, why did Faltaous stray from the chemical norms of his competition when formulating the anti-aging products for Genucel? Because nature has been depended on for anti-aging plants and herbs by civilizations, like the ancient Mayans and Egyptians, far longer than laboratories have been in existence. With the creation of these other harsh, chemical-based products, many adverse side effects have been reported, some even years after initial use! Faltaous decided to stick to nature-based anti-aging therapies and provide users of Genucel solutions with ingredients provided by the earth such as:

  • Calendula flower extract


  • Grape seed oil


  • Other natural sources of Vitamins A, E and Ester-C


Genucel anti-aging technologies, which have been developed over years of careful experimentation, and the technological breakthroughs provided by Chaminox, create the perfect duo for younger looking skin the natural way. Remember those potentially adverse side effects of most chemical anti-aging solutions? You won’t ever have to worry about those with Genucel solutions! Nearly every ingredient used in Genucel products can be found in nature (some of them are already present in our bodies, though in limited quantities), so the all-natural approach is designed to enhance what we already have within us to fight off aging.


Chamonix bases its anti-aging technology off of efficacy and safety, providing the production of all Genucel solutions with the same measure of care and consistency. Each product has been guided by the inputs/opinions of users who are loyal to the brand. All of these measures are taken to provide the users of these products not with the secret to perpetual youth, but with nature- and efficacy- based solutions to aging that address their actual needs without harming their skin. The Genucel difference for the nature of aging gracefully is the effective use of natural technologies created by Chamonix founder, George Faltaous, for maintaining young-looking, beautiful skin for years to come!


Altruism is subject to brain influence, says neuroscientist, Jorge Moll

A 2006 study conducted by neuroscientist Jorge Moll and a team of other scientists shows that altruistic behavior is affected by the physical composition of the human brain. This is not the first research that Jorge Moll is conducting, as he has initiated some clinical studies aimed at understanding how the human minds work. His previous research was centered on the neural spectrum which has sought to understand the physical mechanisms that trigger emotional responses. The results from his 2006 study into altruism indicate that the architecture of our brains can influence our emotional reactions towards charitable acts.


The study posed a hypothetical question to some volunteers, where they presented them with two scenarios. They were required to either give money to charity or use it for their material gain. Jorge Moll employed the functional magnetic imaging to monitor the brains of the subjects to establish which part of their brains influenced their decisions. Jorge and his team expertly observed the mesolimbic system, which is the sector of our brains that dictates our system of reward by releasing dopamine, which is the chemical that makes react to pleasure. It is also the part of the brain that creates stimuli, indicating want for food and sex.


The results of the study showed that more dopamine was released when a subject chose to donate money to charity. The subjects experienced more pleasure when they were being rewarded for altruism than when they decided to keep the money for themselves. Additionally, the study showed that the brains were more active when the choice of charity inclined with their moral beliefs and attitude.


More about Jorge Moll


Jorge Mall did his residency in the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, the same university where he attained his MD in Neuroscience. Moll is also a Ph.D. holder in Experimental Pathophysiology from the University of Sao Paulo. He serves as a board member and president of D’Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR) and is also the director of the Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience Unit (CBNU) and Neuroinformatics Workgroup.


In his daily routine, Jorge Moll engages students, researchers, fellow scientists, associates and entrepreneurs to ensure a multi-directional flow of ideas. Moll believes in joint efforts and collaborations, and he uses this criterion in his daily work as he is tasked with picking the best ideas. He thinks that being open and transparent and having the right set of skills is cardinal in increasing productivity.


Jeunesse Global Natural Medicine

Jeunesse Global is centered around youth enhancement. The company has a 9 point approach to promoting youthfulness in appearance and well-being. Randy Ray, a successful computer hardware and software expert, and Wendy Lewis, a medical practice management professional, founded the company and have seen sales growth into the billions of dollars over the past 9 years. The Jeunesse Global team also includes doctors, plastic surgeons, and alternative health professionals with experience in natural medicine and Eastern medicine. The result of this diverse team is a health and wellness direct selling company that can do a lot.

Browsing their product lines, which entail skincare products, supplements, and a weight loss program, it is easy to see all of the team’s expertise coming together. While each product has a specific function, the products are designed to work together to produce maximum results. A look at the ingredient lists of Jeunesse supplements illustrates the philosophy of approaching a goal from multiple angles. The AM and PM Essentials supplements, for instance, include a wide array of vitamins, minerals, and proprietary blends. The AM proprietary blend component includes amino acids for protective and supportive properties, natural energy sources like green tea leaf, and antioxidants for repair and prevention of ageing. The PM proprietary blend has Valerian root for restfulness, more amino acids and antioxidants, and cruciferous vegetable concentrate for phytochemicals and fiber.

The skincare line also has a star line up of ingredients. The Luminesce Daily Moisturizing Complex combines SPF 30, fruit and legume extracts, and APT-200, a which incorporates polypeptide technology to slow ageing. APT-200 uses adipose stem cells to deliver its effects. The purpose of APT-200 is to promote youthful skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and unwanted lines. APT-200 appears in the Luminesce Advanced Night Repair cream as well. Alongside APT-200, vitamins and minerals work to restore and hydrate the skin.