Altruism is subject to brain influence, says neuroscientist, Jorge Moll

A 2006 study conducted by neuroscientist Jorge Moll and a team of other scientists shows that altruistic behavior is affected by the physical composition of the human brain. This is not the first research that Jorge Moll is conducting, as he has initiated some clinical studies aimed at understanding how the human minds work. His previous research was centered on the neural spectrum which has sought to understand the physical mechanisms that trigger emotional responses. The results from his 2006 study into altruism indicate that the architecture of our brains can influence our emotional reactions towards charitable acts.


The study posed a hypothetical question to some volunteers, where they presented them with two scenarios. They were required to either give money to charity or use it for their material gain. Jorge Moll employed the functional magnetic imaging to monitor the brains of the subjects to establish which part of their brains influenced their decisions. Jorge and his team expertly observed the mesolimbic system, which is the sector of our brains that dictates our system of reward by releasing dopamine, which is the chemical that makes react to pleasure. It is also the part of the brain that creates stimuli, indicating want for food and sex.


The results of the study showed that more dopamine was released when a subject chose to donate money to charity. The subjects experienced more pleasure when they were being rewarded for altruism than when they decided to keep the money for themselves. Additionally, the study showed that the brains were more active when the choice of charity inclined with their moral beliefs and attitude.


More about Jorge Moll


Jorge Mall did his residency in the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, the same university where he attained his MD in Neuroscience. Moll is also a Ph.D. holder in Experimental Pathophysiology from the University of Sao Paulo. He serves as a board member and president of D’Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR) and is also the director of the Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience Unit (CBNU) and Neuroinformatics Workgroup.


In his daily routine, Jorge Moll engages students, researchers, fellow scientists, associates and entrepreneurs to ensure a multi-directional flow of ideas. Moll believes in joint efforts and collaborations, and he uses this criterion in his daily work as he is tasked with picking the best ideas. He thinks that being open and transparent and having the right set of skills is cardinal in increasing productivity.


A Standard Of Courage And Innovation: Mr. Jeffrey Aronin

With innovation and advancement being the model of the day, there are a few individuals that stand out when it comes to showing forth the courage and a desire to meet the needs of the masses in any chosen field. Jeffrey Aronin has done just that. By simply pursuing the US FDA approval to have a drug approved in the United States to fight epilepsy, Mr. Jeffrey Aronin is recognized as a true source of commitment and dedication to the causes of the patients.


From taking on the calls to fight against epilepsy as well as other medical conditions that are in the world today, Jeffrey Aronin is truly involved with developing life-changing treatments for such individuals in need of a solution. What stands out about Jeffrey Aronin is that he has a background in biopharmaceuticals. With such a background, his multiple skills also include Strategic and Business Development, finance and brand marketing as well. Jeffrey Aronin has founded as well as co-founded some of the most industry-recognized pharmaceutical companies. With his many accomplishments, Mr. Jeffrey Aronin is presently the chairman and CEO Paragon Biosciences. A position he has held since 2010.


While being seen as a down-to-earth everyday guy, someone you can walk up to and spark a nice conversation about the day’s weather or current events, Jeffrey Aronin has the ability to listen to and understand the needs of each individual situation. With such a listening ear, Mr. Jeffrey Aronin is then able to put his expertise to action regarding the biopharmaceutical industry and bring about results and solutions. Not just having a vision for the local community or his State, Mr. Aronin leads several global by pharmaceutical companies as well. To hold such a prestigious position is nothing but impressive when understanding that to have a global vision is to expand beyond the realms of normalcy and complacency at home and reach forth abroad and seek better Solutions in other places.


Much can be said about this fantastic individual and his many achievements and accomplishments to date. Truly a standard to take note of today.