GreenSky Credit Looking for New Financing Options

Being able to gain access to credit when you need it is very important. One company that has been providing consumers with access to reliable loans for more than a decade is GreenSky Credit. This company entered the lending industry just as the financial crisis was hitting. While other lenders were closing down consumer lending wings, this company was continuing to provide new loans. Over the past decade, the company has continued to grow at a very fast rate. They are now a leading provider of consumer loans, which are generally used by people to complete home renovations, repairs, and property expansions.

There are many ways that GreenSky Credit is able to differentiate themselves from other lenders. While there are other private lenders available for online loan, GreenSky Credit has been able to grow at a quick rate due to the partnerships that they have with other lenders. When the company provides you with a loan, they are actually receiving the majority of the capital from a traditional bank. The company then is paid to originate and service the loan going forward. Since they are not required to raise their own capital, the company has been able to grow at a very fast rate.

Due to the great service and growth that the company has been able to achieve, they are continuing to gain interest from investors. GreenSky has gone through several rounds of venture capital and private equity raises. In this time, the company has been able to achieve a valuation that is well in excess of several billion dollars. Due to the continued growth, they are now looking for other ways to raise capital as well.

One of the main strategies that the company is considering today is taking the company public. The CEO, David Zalik, is looking into a variety of strategies that could be used to raise capital in the public markets. If they are able to raise more money through the public markets, it would free up a lot more ability for the company to grow, offer new services, and market to a broader audience.

Stream Energy Really Does Care About Their Community

More and more companies are incorporating some kind of philanthropic endeavor into the fabric of their mission statements. After all, consumers are becoming more savvy and eco friendly and like to believe that the good and/ or service they are buying is brought to them by a company that believes in giving back. Stream Energy is one such company.

Stream Energy is a unique company that offers energy service, phone service, security services, and virtual doctors visits. Their staff largely works independently as private contractors, managing customers and services for Stream Energy. One big thing that does bring all staff together is their charity work.

In fact, Stream Energy has such strong ties with the Texas communities they serve, that the energy company has started it’s own philanthropic organization; Stream Cares. Almost all Stream staff members support a cause or organization in their free time. Stream Energy has a long standing association with both the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. The staff members of Stream Energy have a reputation for helping where needed in a quick, efficient manner.

For example: Stream pairs up Hope Supply Co. to give homeless children what they need to have successful days in school. Hope Supply Co. makes sure that children have school supplies, clothing, and diapers when needed. Recently, Stream Cares and Hope Supply Co. Teamed up to send 1,000 homeless children to Dallas area water parks with their mentors for a day of fun.

Stream Cares also helped the organization, Once Upon A Lifetime provide a huge holiday dinner for Veterans and their families and an American Girl Christmas shopping party for Veteran’s daughters. Stream Cares also helps raise money and provide immediate aid for those in need due to drastic weather conditions like when Hurricane Harvey covered north Texas in 56 inches of water, or when tornados touched down one day after Christmas in 2016.

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Shervin Pishevar says that Big Five tech monopolies are stifling progress

You may not have heard of Shervin Pishevar. But the entrepreneur and venture capitalist is one of the central figures in the world of Big Technology. As the founder and CEO of Sherpa Capital, Shervin Pishevar has been involved in the creation of some of the biggest names in tech. Companies in which he has played a crucial early role include such names as Virgin Hyperloop, Uber and Airbnb. Additionally, Shervin Pishevar has himself founded a large number of companies using his own financing. Firms that Shervin Pishevar has personally founded run the entire gamut of technology realms and include names like WebOS, Inside and Social Gaming Network.

Because he has spent his entire career inside the often-ruthless world of technology, Shervin Pishevar has seen, up close and personal, the effects that the emergence of huge tech monopolies has had on the development of the U.S. technology-based economy. Unfortunately, he says that the majority of influence that monopolies have had is decidedly negative, stifling competition and ultimately passing on far higher costs and diminished functionality to consumers.

In a recent 21-hour tweet storm, Shervin Pishevar noted that one of the most serious problems that occurs with the Big Five tech monopolies is their almost unstoppable ability to buy out their competitors before they ever have a chance to start meaningfully offering market resistance. Pishevar says that this has been a particular problem in the world of tech because of the very nature of tech startups themselves.

He explains that most of the people who are responsible for the creation of new tech firms tend to be younger and less experienced. The Big Five monopolies, which include Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Facebook, have become highly adept at recognizing competitive threats when they are still in their infancy. The big monopolies, with virtually infinite cash reserves, are then able to approach these young entrepreneurs and offer them more money than they have ever seen in their lives.

A life-changing amount of money in the eight figures may be impossible for someone who was recently broke to turn down. Yet Pishevar says that these amounts are often far less than the true value of the firms.

Fortress Investment group splashes a $20 million loan on IPass

Those who invest with Fortress investment group now have a reason to smile as the firm recently expanded its investment scope by providing a $20 million funding to IPass, a firm specializing in the provision of Global WI-FI connectivity thereby offering them more investment options. IPass received $10 million immediately after pen was put to paper and according to Gary Griffiths, the firm’s CEO, this deal will go a long way in enhancing its operations. Commenting on the matter, Gary said that with the loan, they will now be able to implement strategies that were yet to become a reality due to capital issues thus maximizing on their profits.

The fund was secured using IPass’s most significant assets such as its patent portfolio and smart connect and it had been brokered by Riley Financial, a firm specializing in areas of capital markets, valuation and appraisal, auction and liquidation and principal investments. IPass is a big name in tech as it happens to be one of the company’s offering global WI-FI connectivity based on the Saas Software. This makes it possible for the firm to provide always on-WI-FI for its client base as there are more than sixty-four million hotspots, spread in all random places such as the train station, airport, restaurant and many others.

IPass plan is to expand and increase the number of hotspots from 64 to 340 million thus broadening its user base and maximizing profits, thereby making it a viable investment option for investors looking to invest in big tech.

About Fortress Investment Group

Fortress investment group is an alternative asset management firm based in New York. The firm is notable for being the first private equity company to go public and is also famed for its robust risk-adjusted returns strategy which always brings massive benefits for its investors. For instance, seven years after its inception, all Fortress Investment group got to enjoy returns of over 39.7% and IPass being its latest addition will help investors plough even more gains. Fortress Investment group started off as a company overseeing assets worth $400 million, but today, it has seen significant growth and currently directs assets worth over $40.9 billion for more than 1700 investors spread across all sectors. Today it is a conglomerate with over 900 employees and continues to expand into the realm of finance with each wake. For instance, the firm recently went private again after it signed a $3.3 billion deal with Softbank. This deal will go a long way in helping it achieve its goal of becoming the largest alternative asset management firm in the world.

The difference that Perry Mandera is making in the lives of people

The career of Perry Mandera in the field of logistics and transportation has been one long one. He is the CEO of The Custom Companies and the founder of the company too. Perry has been in the field of transportation from 1976 that has been the reason for the experience gained of over the 40 years he has been serving the needs of the customers in the country at large. That has made up the history that he has in business and making up the success story too. The career path of Perry Mandera began as he offers his services to the marines, a time in his life that he likes to speak fondly off.

When he was offering his services, he was the one that dealt with transporting the troops and supplies, a pursuit that has been of help so that to see the difference that shipping services can bring so that to achieve the larger goal. The experience that he gained in the marine helped so much, but when asked about the service the thing that Mandera remembers is the deep connection he shared with his fellow workmates. That was the accomplishments that he focuses on that he achieved. After the end of his services, that was not the end for Perry Mandera drive to service he decided that he was going to run for office. That is what led to him being appointed the Republican Ward Committeeman representing the 26th ward in 1984, where he offered his services for four years. During his service, he was the youngest to serve in the post.

Perry Mandera places a lot of emphasis on the fact that he offers his best to the charitable organization. It’s clear of so many ways he uses so that to help the community and anyone else that may need his help. When possible, Perry will donate his time to charity programs that are designed so that to help the peoples that are less fortunate. The thing that Perry Mandera will emphasis on is those children that are in need he will ensure that he offers his support to them together with giving them the clothing and transportation services.

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Perry Mandera: Changing the Face of Philanthropy

Stansberry Research Continues To Give Sound Financial Advice

Stansberry Research is a publishing company that is on a mission to help give every day people sound financial advice. The company has a great track record in providing its’ clientele with profitable investment opportunities that can’t often be found anywhere but on Wall Street. The company began in 1999 and has grown to be a global entity.


Recently, Stansberry Research has been in the media’s spotlight. There have been several pieces published highlighting their history of success. recently published an article that discussed the advice Stansberry Research editor’s were giving about purchasing stock in Walmart.


The article discusses why the professionals at Stansberry Research like Walmart for an investment choice. The publication discussed how, despite recent drops in the stock price, Walmart is a great investment for the long term investors. It also discussed how Dan Ferris, editor of Stansberry Research’s publication “Extreme Value”, had promoted the buying of Walmart’s stock for over a decade.


Stansberry Research is one of the leading distributors of financial investment advice and various journals, magazines, and other works. People who are interested in perusing these publications can subscribe to the ones of their choosing. These publications cover a variety of investment topics such as stocks, bonds, dividend investing, precious metals, energy, and more. The company also offers a variety of communications that are available to the general public without a paid subscription.


The writers and editors at Stansberry have a collective experience in finance that exceeds a hundred and fifty years. These individuals have dedicated their lives to sharing their vast experience to enable others to reach their financial potential. These professionals include Steve Sjuggerad, Dr. David E. Frig, Dan Ferris, David Lashmet, Justin Brill, and many others. Porter Stansberry, the founder of the company, also regularly contributes his advice to the various publications.


Christopher Linkas Highly Influential and Successful Commercial Real-Estate Investor and Consultant

The real estate sector has a lot of scope regarding investments, especially if you are looking to invest in the commercial real estate. Christopher Linkas is a well-known investor in the real estate sector and believes that people who are looking for significant returns from their money should not overlook investing in commercial real-estate. He graduated in 1991 from Bowdoin College and went on to immediately start working in the commercial real estate field. At the time he joined the real estate industry, it was going through a rough period of recession, and Christopher Linkas believes that it is what helped him sharpen his investment strategy in the real estate area. Working at a financial consulting firm that offered repackaged loans helped Christopher Linkas get the experience necessary to understand how the business world is linked with the real estate.


Later on, Christopher Linkas moved to investment management and credit business that had him move to New York, where he got deeply involved with commercial real estate and opportunistic debt. Over the years, Christopher Linkas has experienced and firmly believes that commercial real estate investment has many more benefits than investing in other forms of investment tools. First of all, Christopher Linkas thinks that investing in most of the other investment options depends heavily on the moves of the stock market, whereas investment in the commercial real estate would help in insulating the investments to a certain degree in an event when the stock market goes through a volatile and sluggish period.


Christopher Linkas added that one must, however, do their research and carefully select the property they are investing in and the location of the property. Also, one must ensure that the property they are investing in is located centrally and in a densely populated area. The properties in metropolitan areas with dense population have demanded all the year round, and the market prices of these properties rarely fluctuate beyond belief. It would help you anchor your investments and also help you get generous returns in due course. Christopher Linkas believes that investing in the commercial real estate is low-risk and assures of providing significant returns.


Custom Companies miles ahead of the rest.

The Custom Companies is a full service transportation company. Where they take pride in having a collective transportation solutions, all under one roof. Customer service is an aspect of their business that is very important to them. Custom Companies states that they reason of their growth is due to their customers who has afforded them the opportunity to service a wide variety of transportation needs.


Some of the services that Custom Companies offer are domestic and international air freight, direct mail distribution, logistics management, and pick and pack services just to name a few. There are even more services that can be utilized through the Custom Companies.


Custom Companies main focus is their customers. Their success starts with what they like to call their custom culture. Rather working with a very large and well noted company or the small business owner, that is a pillar in his neighborhood. Custom Companies are there to respond to the needs of that particular company. Custom Companies attitude to make things happen and do it right the first time gives them an edge in the transportation industry. They do not make excuses they just get the job done and done correctly the first time. It has often been said that if you do not have time to do it right the first time, you surely do not have time to do it again. Custom Companies can do attitude and their team spirit just overflows in to their work.


Custom Companies listen to the suggestions and the needs of their customers. So much so that their website was design using the feedback and recommendations of the very customers that they serve. It offers comprehensive ways to get shipment information. From tracking to accounting documentation. As well as detailed customized online reporting.


Custom Companies put their customers first. It shows in so many ways. That could very well be, why they have been around for three decades and still going strong.



How the IC Systems Program Works for Companies

IC Systems was created and launched to the world in 1938 by married couple Ruth and Jack Erickson. The company is one of the oldest debt collection agencies in the world, and it continues to be one of the top available to healthcare, dental and corporate facilities worldwide. They are headquartered in Minnesota, but they have offices throughout the country to better help their clients and their respective patients. The company has been so innovative and ahead of its time that it was the first company ever, in 1968, to switch from using typewriters to computers. They stay ahead of their time in order to benefit their clients and get bills paid that have been lying unpaid for weeks, months or even years. IC Systems understands how frustrating it can be to have patients not pay their bills and what a toll this takes on your business, but they work to get these individuals to pay and get your company the financial freedom that it needs.


Since they began their accounts receivable business, IC Systems has worked with tens of thousands of facilities, from large hospitals to smaller mom-and-pop businesses. They have helped more than a million patients and customers pay their bills to these facilities, saving these industries from financial collapse. The company is so successful that it was nominated for a BBB Torch Award, which is one of the most prestigious awards that can be given to a company that reflects its commitment to its customers.


Despite the company being one of the oldest and most successful debt collection agencies in the world, they aren’t aggressive in the way that they collect money from your patients. They believe that people need to be understood in order to come up with a payment plan that works for them. Not only does this benefit your own company because you’re finally receiving payment for bills that have gone unpaid, but it will benefit patients who are on strict budgets and otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford the amount that they owe to your facility. IC Systems offers a free quote form on their site to learn more about their services.

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Common Questions When Being Contacted by IC System


Hear Ye Budding Entrepreneurs, Glen Wakeman Is Ready To Hold Your Hands

One wish that every starting entrepreneur around the world has is a man to hold his or her hard in the difficult journey that lays ahead. Starting a business is not an easy task let alone running it. It comes with the fear of the unknown and most importantly the fear of disappointed. However, for every person hoping to start a business, there is a man ready to hold your hand through the rough journey and his name is Glen Wakeman.

Glen Wakeman started the Launchpad enterprise, and as its name suggests, it is meant to oView postffer budding an entrepreneur the pad to launch their careers to greater heights that are only limited by their dreams. The SAAS online business offers company with the right advice and tips to see them grow. Glen Wakeman established the 5- step plan to help the budding entrepreneur find the initial steps of entrepreneurship easy to wade through. The online tool is made of 5 components that include; marketing, entrepreneurship, operations, talents, finance and risk management. The online tool is built in such a way that it helps the entrepreneur critically asses the pros and cons of their business plan.

Glen Wakeman is a man with a big heart and one that main inspiration is to help the upcoming talents of entrepreneur come to the main market. With him is over 20 years experience working with one of the largest companies in the world.

Glen Wakeman is a graduate of University of Chicago with a Masters in Business Administration majoring in finance. Before that he got he had a bachelor of Science in Economic and finance.

Glen Wakeman is a man that not only wants to but also needs to hold the hands of every entrepreneur if they want to be the next fortune company.