3 Reasons Why Guilherme Paulus Is Successful In The Hospitality Industry

Guilherme Paulus has been a perfect example that hard work, determination and vision are vital in the world of business. He is currently one of the most successful people in the world of hospitality in the world and more importantly in Brazil.

Paulus points out that he has worked hard all his life and any stride or progress he has made is purely an act of actualizing his dreams. Due to this brilliant approach to work and investment, he is part of numerous boards in Brazil besides being part of GJP Hotels and Resorts as chairman.

Many factors make him successful in the competitive world of investment and hospitality. Guilherme Paulus points out that from an early age, he understood the importance of collaboration and working with other like-minded people. One of his first partners in the investment world was Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. In one of his recent interviews, Paulus pointed out that this first partner not only introduced business but he also financed his dream. The ability to work with other people according to him is one of the greatest gifts any investor, especially to young investors. Paulus is now one of the most passionate mentors to thousands of young Brazilian entrepreneurs.

Second, Guilherme Paulus points out that technology over the years has continued to make his expansion in the business world a reality. Paulus believes that a better approach and use of technology is one of his major secrets in succeeding in the competitive hospitality world. Since his field of operation is more of satisfaction, he is always keen to enquire how his clients think about his business and in return, improve on specific areas. With these instant feedbacks, the Brazilian hotelier points out that he has been able to build his brand to become one of the best in the world of hospitality.

Thirdly, Guilherme Paulus is one of the few professionals that are completely involved in the day-to-day operations of GJP. He understands that being in contact with his employees not only raises their morale to work harder but is also a chance for him to learn and expand his knowledge of hospitality.

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Rodrigo Terpins-A leader and rally driver.

In a recent interview, one of Brazil’s best-known rally drivers gave his fans an opportunity to learn more about him. It was a candid interview, to say the least, and as Rodrigo Terpins opened his life to the world, he hoped to inspire others to become even better. As a professional driver and businessman Rodrigo has been able to achieve some feats that put him in a position of natural leadership.

After completing his degree in Business management, he took a job at Lojas Marisa where he would work and eventually become president of the company. At the time he would discover his love of Motorsport and delve into the same. As the years went on, he realized that he had a chance to become a professional driver. This would see him persuade his brother Michel to leave the cross country and join rally. Rodrigo eventually managed to convince him to do so in 2002 and together they formed the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. The team has grown to become a fan favorite, and its popularity continues to grow by the day. In recent years they have expanded by bringing in two vehicles, i.e., the T-Rex with each brother engaging a navigator which enables them to be more competitive eventually. The team has been one of Rodrigo Terpins greatest achievement despite him running his own company by the name Floresvale. This is one of the few companies that supply certified wood in Brazil. The company was established as a way of ensuring environmental protection and sustainability. Rodrigo Terpins was on record talking about the increase in awareness of the impact companies are having on the environment. For example, he spoke about an impact on his company brought about by the increased concern on the source of wood for furniture. As Brazil continues to be one of the leading suppliers of wood, there is a need to balance the cutting down of trees and replanting. For more details visit Ideamensch.

Rodrigo noted that the use of technology has had an impact on this as they are now able to use tools such as Google earth and maps to monitor activities in their forests.



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