Lori Senecal Stepping Down as CEO

Lori Senecals career has taken many turns over the years and she has proven time and time again that she can make any business succeed. Her focus and tenacity has earned her much respect among her peers. She is a highly educated businesswoman with an upfront, honest personality. She does not back down once she has put together a plan of action for the business she is working with.


According to GC Report, she is known for wearing dark colored clothing at all times and states that this gives her a feeling of empowerment. It also does not allow people to be distracted by it when she is speaking. Although she is basically a shy introverted person, when it comes to what she wants, she knows how to get it and will do her best to obtain it.


Women in business have found that they need to do more in order to achieve more. Lori Senecal has become a model for other women entering the work force. They see what she has done in the past and are able to gain their own strength from it. They learn that you can be both tough and compassionate at the same time.


Lori will be stepping down from her current position in order to go to work with another business. This is a plus for her next company in that they know she will bring them positive results. Her earning potential is ever increasing and she is able to move from place to place at her choosing. Her reputation is impeccable. Employers know that with Lori Senecal on their team, they can do anything. There is a great demand for her services and knowledge.


Coming from a small town in Canada, no one would have known how far this lady could go. She focused on educating herself and is now focused on bringing businesses to their fullest potential.



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