Why Did Fortress Investment Group Get Bought By SoftBank?

Investments are popular among personal and corporate crowds alike because they generate money for people and businesses without them having to work for it. Most people make money through wages, salaries, commissions, bonuses, and other forms of compensation; to get money without having to put one’s self to work is something that most people and businesses are interested in.

Most investors save their nest eggs for retirement so they can spend the last years of their respective lives without working. Businesses invest excess money they’ve earned that won’t be used to cash flow its operations so they can earn more, ultimately become larger entities, and impress their stakeholders. Either way, individuals and business entities generally store their hard-earned money in traditional investments like stocks and exchange-traded funds.

However, some risky entities – this grouping includes individuals and households – trust their assets under the corporate umbrellas of management with alternative asset management firms. Alternative asset management is the use of off-brand methods – pretty much all methods of investing except for safe means of storing value in financial instruments like stocks with objectively-stable growth and a complete historical absence of volatility.

Fortress Investment Group is an alternative asset manager – and they’re damn good at what they do

Fortress Investment Group is an investment firm that employs the many strategies of alternative asset management businesses to generate high returns for its many clients. Traditionally, Fortress Investment Group has brought positive, double-digit returns for its countless clients – technically, that number of clients isn’t, in fact, “countless; rather, there are about 1,800 clients that trust Fortress Investment Group with their money and other assets.

Not too long ago – just 13 months in the past – Fortress Investment Group was bought by Japan’s premier business conglomerate SoftBank for about $3.5 billion.

SoftBank has stakes of ownership – both partial and total – in 400-odd businesses. Very few of them are financial services industry competitors; SoftBank is typically experienced with Internet and tech companies.

However, SoftBank bought Fortress because it showed tremendous potential and substantial profit margins.

The difference that Perry Mandera is making in the lives of people

The career of Perry Mandera in the field of logistics and transportation has been one long one. He is the CEO of The Custom Companies and the founder of the company too. Perry has been in the field of transportation from 1976 that has been the reason for the experience gained of over the 40 years he has been serving the needs of the customers in the country at large. That has made up the history that he has in business and making up the success story too. The career path of Perry Mandera began as he offers his services to the marines, a time in his life that he likes to speak fondly off.

When he was offering his services, he was the one that dealt with transporting the troops and supplies, a pursuit that has been of help so that to see the difference that shipping services can bring so that to achieve the larger goal. The experience that he gained in the marine helped so much, but when asked about the service the thing that Mandera remembers is the deep connection he shared with his fellow workmates. That was the accomplishments that he focuses on that he achieved. After the end of his services, that was not the end for Perry Mandera drive to service he decided that he was going to run for office. That is what led to him being appointed the Republican Ward Committeeman representing the 26th ward in 1984, where he offered his services for four years. During his service, he was the youngest to serve in the post.

Perry Mandera places a lot of emphasis on the fact that he offers his best to the charitable organization. It’s clear of so many ways he uses so that to help the community and anyone else that may need his help. When possible, Perry will donate his time to charity programs that are designed so that to help the peoples that are less fortunate. The thing that Perry Mandera will emphasis on is those children that are in need he will ensure that he offers his support to them together with giving them the clothing and transportation services.

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Perry Mandera: Changing the Face of Philanthropy

Professional Pipe, Inc., Gets Help From Madison Street Capital

Throughout the past several decades, the commercial activities known today as M&A – mergers and acquisitions – have become prolifically popular. Though there currently aren’t as many mergers nor acquisitions as there have been over the past two to three decades, the mergers and acquisitions occurrence count just in the United States of America has consistently featured more than there were, say, 50 years ago.


In mergers, two or more businesses combine assets and likenesses with one another to form a larger company. JP Morgan Chase was formed some years ago through a deal between JP Morgan and Chase, both of which were separate financial institutions, in which each company combined their collective pools of assets with one another to form a completely new entity.


Acquisitions, on the other hand, feature one large company purchasing the ownership interest of another company. In almost all cases, the size of the company being acquired is significantly smaller than that of the parent company, or the one purchasing the smaller company, because purchasing an entire company costs quite a bit more than the value of assets owned by the side getting bought.


Major financial institutions like Madison Street Capital make their living off of mergers and acquisitions, though Madison Street Capital does have several other tricks up its proverbial magician’s sleeve to generate income.


One of these many “tricks” is consulting. While Madison Street Capital engages in so many activities to generate income that its 100-plus employees have a collective body of expertise spanning literally everything in financial services, consulting is a substantial source of income because of businesses like Professional Pipe that want to make sure the transactions they are involved in are fair and in their best interest.


Madison Street Capital was the one and only advisor and counsel for its client’s, Professional Pipe, Inc., recent forking over of the entirety of its ownership interests for a hefty sum of money provided by the many investors at KJM Capital.


Short of one month ago, the then-most recent customer of Madison Street Capital was Professional Pipe, Inc., a regional company based in North Carolina that is known for designing the layout of and installing plumbing and pipes for processed goods to flow through at businesses around the United States, which needed help in determining if the offer provided by KJM Capital was worth its weight in salt or not.


KJM Capital’s founder and lead executive Kenneth J. Meister shared following the completion of the deal that “we are pleased to partner with the entire PPI team to continue its success” in its line of business, something that few other competitors are found in. This made the purchase of Professional Pipe so tempting.


To learn more, visit http://madisonstreetcapital.org/.

Financial Investment Adviser, Richard Blair Says More Clients Consider Pensions Abroad


Texas independent financial adviser, Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions says one in three Americans are not ready for retirement, and even worse, nearly half of today’s households have no nest egg at all. This is why more and more retirees are choosing to live abroad.




Eucador, Thailand, Spain, and Mexico are just a few of the foreign places pensioners are moving to. “Many people dream of living where others spend their holidays,” says Blair. The biggest hurdle is clarifying any foreign tax restrictions, and for the most part, pensions are not taxed abroad, but you are still responsible for paying taxes in the U.S. if you retain citizenship. Even so, just about every one retiring abroad say they spend less than half of what they would living in the United States.




Many former clients are now living a wealthier lifestyle with mind-blowing views, and it’s not penny pinching, says Richard Blair. For those who can barely sustain in the U.S., retiring overseas is a 180-degree turn. The bottom line is residing in a less expensive area can significantly prolong your retirement fund.




Planning Ahead




Make time your ally. Someone who earns just $50,000 a year at age 30, and puts away 14 percent of pay, will have nearly $500,000 saved by age 60. Yet saving aggressively can be a tall order at any age. Blair says power saving during your twenties and thirties can get you closer to the one million dollar mark.




Blair strongly recommends resisting the urge to borrow from your retirement savings. Almost 7 percent of savers tend to borrow against their 401k plans. It’s tempting to hit up your retirement account, like the 401k, for a big-ticket item,such as buying a home. Trouble is, you may shortchange your future. There are no do-overs in retirement, says Blair.




Another problem is when you switch jobs. Surveys find that nearly 42 percent of people who leave their jobs cash out their 401k, instead of a rollover. Not only does this trigger a penalty, but you also get stung by taxes. Blair recommends rolling over your 401k to a new plan. He also says keep the faith in stocks. Millionaires take reasonable risks, so check your tolerance and diversify to get the best advantage.


No matter where you plan on retiring, whether in the U.S. or abroad, you still should be smart about investing.




Richard Blair is a graduate of the University of Houston where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. Throughout his 20 year career, Blair has helped clients with estate, investment, and retirement planning. He’s a dual licensed adviser with several professional certifications including, CAS, CES, CFS, CIS, CTS, RICP. Blair continues to expand his so he can always help clients navigate today’s challenging financial environments.




Through client career changes, marriages, divorce, births and deaths, Richard Blair strives to ensure their investment and financial strategy is tailored to their lifestyle requirements. In addition to his commitment to financial planning, Blair enjoys spending quality time with his wife, Joanne, and three kids.


To learn more, visit http://www.wealthsolutionsria.com/.