The Story Behind OSI Group McDonalds Processing Facilities

Today, OSI Group McDonalds has over 60 processing facilities to supply the chains of fast-food restaurant franchises worldwide. The history of McDonald’s restaurant goes back to 1940 when Founders Richard McDonald and Maurice McDonald opened their family-owned diner in California. It was 15 years later when Franchise Agent Ray Kroc used his expertise to expand McDonald’s restaurant in other parts of the United States. The relationship he built with Richard and Maurice resulted in him gaining ownership of the franchise and corporation. It was the beginning of forming a partnership with the OSI Group.

The story of OSI Group extends back to 1909 when the business was a small meat store ran by German-born Otto Kolschowshy. He ran the business for many years in Chicago, Illinois until he retired and his sons gained control of running the business. OSI had many names changes beginning in 1928 as Otto & Sons to OSI Industries in 1975, and last, to OSI Group in 2004. It was during the 1950s when OSI Group McDonalds business relationship formed into a long-term meat processing contract. To this date, the companies remain partners and work together for expansion in global markets.

OSI Group McDonalds first facility to process hamburger patties and fries opened it doors in 1973 in Illinois. The global meat processing company and the McDonald’s franchise reached the markets throughout the US, Europe, Spain, and other countries. Their partnership enabled OSI Group to explode into the largest North American private holding company. Since the joint venture, OSI gained other clients, including Starbucks, Burger King, Subway, and other fast-food restaurants.

OSI Group is a leader in providing quality and fresh foods and products to restaurants and retailers. The company built its reputation on setting standards for food safety and quality. Since the formation of OSI Group McDonalds contractual relationship, the global food supplier acquired hundreds of plants, warehouses, and farms. OSI increased it meat processor services to include sausages, chicken, fish, meatballs, pork, and steak. Gazette Day reported in an article that the company made Forbe’s List of Private Companies with sales over $6 billion.

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GreenSky Credit Looking for New Financing Options

Being able to gain access to credit when you need it is very important. One company that has been providing consumers with access to reliable loans for more than a decade is GreenSky Credit. This company entered the lending industry just as the financial crisis was hitting. While other lenders were closing down consumer lending wings, this company was continuing to provide new loans. Over the past decade, the company has continued to grow at a very fast rate. They are now a leading provider of consumer loans, which are generally used by people to complete home renovations, repairs, and property expansions.

There are many ways that GreenSky Credit is able to differentiate themselves from other lenders. While there are other private lenders available for online loan, GreenSky Credit has been able to grow at a quick rate due to the partnerships that they have with other lenders. When the company provides you with a loan, they are actually receiving the majority of the capital from a traditional bank. The company then is paid to originate and service the loan going forward. Since they are not required to raise their own capital, the company has been able to grow at a very fast rate.

Due to the great service and growth that the company has been able to achieve, they are continuing to gain interest from investors. GreenSky has gone through several rounds of venture capital and private equity raises. In this time, the company has been able to achieve a valuation that is well in excess of several billion dollars. Due to the continued growth, they are now looking for other ways to raise capital as well.

One of the main strategies that the company is considering today is taking the company public. The CEO, David Zalik, is looking into a variety of strategies that could be used to raise capital in the public markets. If they are able to raise more money through the public markets, it would free up a lot more ability for the company to grow, offer new services, and market to a broader audience.