Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere’s Vision For Cosmetics

Doe Deere has talked a lot about how her company known as Lime Crime came to be. She started this company because she wanted to offer women the brightest colors, the best products, and the most interesting takes on styling. She is also the leader of Poppyangeloff, and she represents both brands in their advertising. She has the bright hair and bright makeup, and she has the business sense to make it work.

  1. She Started Small

Doe Deere started small because she was making her own makeup and selling it online. She expanded when she found investors, and she chose to sell online only. She has shirked the counter makeup business model, and she believes that most people would prefer to buy a unique color without going to the mall.

  1. Why The Hair Color?

Doe Deere loves to color her own hair, and she created better hair dye that women can use, and she wants women to see that they can look just like her. She is not a supermodel, but she represents her brand well because she wears what she sells. This makes the concept of wearing bright colors and unique looks more mainstream, and her growing popularity gives women the confidence to wear more color.

  1. Poppyangeloff

This is a fashion brand that she started because it could support women who wore the bright colors that they got from Lime Crime. Lime Crime is the best makeup brand for women who would wear these clothes and accessories, and it is very important for a woman to shop both these brands because they will look the way that Doe looks in their ads. She believes in what she does, and it shows when people see her in the advertising.

  1. Conclusion

Doe Deere has been growing her company based on strong ideas, and she knows that the company will continue to grow as she allows her employees to have a part in the company. She encourages them to tell her what will work best, and they release products that normal and alternative women want to wear every day.