Herbalife Nutrition’s Efforts to Promote Wellness and Healthy Living

Psychologists conducted a study on how positivity affects workers at the workplace. Apparently, the same psychologists found out that positivity is applicable to all other dimensions of life. A positive and supportive environment is one major contribution to the healthier and more active lives of people in Coshocton, Ohio. Herbalife Nutrition endeavored to impact the lives of people in Coshocton by helping them eat right as well as get in shape.


Life before Herbalife


The residents of Coshocton rely majorly on working in factories to earn a living. Their work is often highly physically taxing. According to Rochelle Byers, resident, as well as Herbalife distributor, the hardworking community, relied majorly on after work pizza as well as fast-food joints for their nutritional needs. That brought about the rise of cardiovascular disease in the area. Essentially, there was a lack of good nutrition as well as physical activity in the area.


Looking for a solution


Rochelle Byers and Dave Byers stepped in to help community members lead healthy lives. They opened Healthy’s, a Herbalife Nutrition community club. The community club provides Herbalife Nutrition teas, aloe and protein shakes, all community members needed to build a healthier version of themselves. Additionally, Healthy’s goes beyond the provision of nutrition products to offer activities that are very beneficial to the health of residents.


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While other plans focus on specifics such as weight loss and muscle gain, the community club recognizes that each individual needs are unique and therefore, it encourages each person to strive to achieve his or her own goals. The support aspect that comes with personalized nutrition for each person makes the program truly unique.


By individuals striving to achieve their own goals, anyone at any stage in their journey and at any age can join the fitness and nutrition fraternity that supports their needs as well as goals in a supportive atmosphere and environment. In a statement, Dave Byers described his community and job by saying that he loves what he does and the fact that he gets to hang out with his 200 friends makes what he does to not seem like work.


About Herbalife Nutrition


It is a health and nutrition company that always strives to impact people’s lives through nutrient-rich nutrition products as well as supportive coaching. It aims to make people healthier and happier across the world. It not only offers nutrition products, but also supportive coaching to help people eat healthy, exercise and achieve their wellness goals.






The History of Herbalife Nutrition

Herbalife Nutrition is getting into the iced coffee business. The company recently announced plans to sell their Herbalife Iced Coffee which provides users with a burst of both caffeine and protein.


Herbalife Nutrition offers entrepreneurs a way to cash in on the company’s successes. There is a way to become an independent contractor for Herbalife Nutrition. These independent contractors are given much support along the way. They get support from their sponsor as well as from other people who have been independent contractors with Herbalife Nutrition longer.


Herbalife Nutrition began in 1980. The founder created a protein shake that helps to suppress the appetite of those who drink it. He thought of the idea after watching his mother die at a young age of obesity and malnutrition. To date, the original protein shake that was sold from the trunk of the founder’s vehicle is still the biggest selling product the company has.


The products Herbalife Nutrition sells are manufactured in Herbalife Nutrition facilities. They have facilities in China and the United States. The company headquarters are in California. They were incorporated in the Cayman Islands. The founder of the company is Mark Hughes.

Mark Hughes was the founder and CEO of Herbalife Nutrition until his untimely death at age 44. His death was attributed to a lethal dose of an anti-depressant and alcohol. The company was traded on the NASDAQ. Now it is traded on NYSE.


There have been lawsuits filed against Herbalife Nutrition. These lawsuits range from a suit by the US Federal Trade Commission. This suit claimed that the Herbalife Nutrition business model is a pyramid scheme. The company settled the suit without admitting wrongdoing. They agreed to pay their independent distributors the sum of $200 million USD.


Herbalife Nutrition entering into the iced coffee market is just a small step in the growth of the company. The company manufactures and sells a whole line of nutrition products. Some of these products include nutrition supplements, sports nutrition, weight management, and personal-care products. The jump into the iced coffee market is geared at the millennials. They added protein to the iced coffee packets and now it is considered a nutritious drink.


In conclusion, this article discussed the founding of Herbalife Nutrition. We discussed the founder and the original CEO. Also, talked about was the fact that Herbalife Nutrition is not immune to the many lawsuits a company must face.






The Most Elite Athletes Now Using Herbalife

Herbalife is going global for athletes all over the world, the most elite athletes are now using their products in order to supplement nutrition. With Herbalife, they now have an extra edge on other competitors in order to keep them fueled and focused. In the 2016 NFL Combine Prep Herbalife partnered along with them, using there nutrition products it really made them separate from other athletes, nutrition can make a huge impact in an athletes performance so with there help they have an extra edge on other athletes. if this product can help the most elite athletes perform better, imagine the endless potential it has on everyone else in the world?


Herbalife is a very well known nutrition, weight maintenance, and sports nutritional supplement. The founder of the company is Mark Hughes who founded the company in 1980, who employees and estimated 8,000 employees all around the world! Herbalife is operating in over 95 countries and has around 3.2 million independent distributors. The company has had their downfalls as well, such as being accused of pyramid scheming after Herbalife’s stock was 1 billion dollars short. Luckily, the company then decided to restructure the company and paid a $200 million dollar settlement in the year of 2016.


In 2017 there was a new CEO announced, his name Richard Goudis. Soon after he became CEO of the company there was an announcement that the company would be repurchasing $600 million dollars of its stock. Soon after that, the companies old name of Herbalife Ltd changed to Herbalife Nutrition. Along with that the company also made a statement that its shareholders had the approval for a two-for-one stock split for the company. In conclusion to this all, it seems valid that the company has been through its ups and downs just like any company will go through, but continues to strive for success in the nutrition industry.



Drew Madden: Changing the Human Resource Structures in the Healthcare Industry

Drew Madden, an experienced person with a background in technology has played a vital role in changing the human resource management structure in the healthcare sector. It is in public domain that one of the aspects that causes the healthcare industry to offer low-quality services to their clients is the composition of their workforce, which is rarely trained and well managed. Madden has been known to build high caliber teams that can transform service delivery to something people are not used to.

After joining Nordic Consulting partners, Drew was focused on changing the dynamics of the workplace by ensuring that he would compose a team that will offer quality service delivery to the clients who required the services of the company. One of the strategies he implemented included increasing the workforce of the company from 10 to 725 employees in the company. This is a considerable number which demonstrates his capability in expanding the operations of the entity such that they are in a position of handling such a large number of workers. Drew has built a reputation in his quest to improve the healthcare industry.

What is highly appreciated is not the fact that he assembled such a large workforce from almost zero, it is the fact that he was able to manage and keep happy all the employees of the company. Besides being happy, all the workers of Nordic Consultant were motivated to work hard and achieve the goals of the company harmoniously. They had a sense of belonging and ownership of the entity because they were being treated professionally by Drew, who was their head.

Formulating and implementing a strategy that will attract a considerable number of employees and retain them in the healthcare industry, which was not known for performing exemplary, especially in workforce areas is a commendable aspect. Other healthcare organizations have adopted the strategies that Drew Madden adopted at Nordic Consultants with an attempt to increase and maintain workers in the firms. Moreover, companies are using different approaches, mostly those implemented by Drew, to keep workers motivated such that they can offer quality services to their clients.