Kamil Idris on International Law

World Intellectual Property day a day to get everyone involved, a day to people can celebrate the importance of it, a day that is unique in its own way. Kamil Idris,born in Sudan and former director of World International Property Organization understand the importance of this day as he knows people have rights and being someone that went through a hard time as a child as he shares in his book “My Nile Odyssey.” If someone understand violation of their rights its Kamil Idris and he understands and values everybody’s rights.

Kamil Idris invites everyone to join in this day and it is important to get as many people involved. People tend to be very territorial and this day is perfect because it is all about Intellectual property rights. The word needs to be spread so this day can get the value of what it really is about. People lack information and if the right information about World Intellectual Property Day is given more people would celebrate it. Its not just a normal day that big companies celebrate, it is a day that people can get their voice heard and keep their businesses and work and their life more in order and protected.

What makes this day so unique? Everything. This day has to do with communication, property rights, and other things. Yes, it is not a holiday, but it needs to be. People need to understand the importance of this day and why it is celebrated. Kamil Idris explains in a very good way on why this day is important and in his words you see the passion he is speaking to the audience. Kamil gives a good view about what the day represents and gives the perfect illustration and explanation that is very detailed.

In conclusion, this day is to be celebrated and recognized worldwide. Keeping people’s rights protected and heard is important and this is one way to do it. Kamil Idris, has had experience in this field many years and he knows what he is talking about.