Jeremy Goldstein Solves Problems

Jeremy Goldstein is a business lawyer specializing in workers benefits. With more than a decade worth of experience, he is more than qualified to aid some of the best companies in the United States. In fact, he even had his own independent law firm and worked for a similar organization.


Furthermore, Jeremy Goldstein has played vital roles in transactions with companies such as AT&T, Merck, Chevron, and Verizon. He also served on non-profit board, Fountain House — a prestigious law firm.


Recently, Jeremy Goldstein explained knockouts option. For years, companies have been deviating from stock options. Goldstein explains that there are three main reasons. First, if the stock value drops significantly, there is no purpose to even having the stock option. Second, employees are more aware than ever about the economic downturns, thus they choose to discard the stock option. Lastly, the option leads to significant accounting burdens.


Nonetheless, stock options do have benefits. They can give employees motivation to continue working for the organization and excel it, so they can receive their compensation. Goldstein proposes the knockouts option, which almost is the same as stock options with the difference being that if the price falls below a certain limit, employees will no longer be able to exercise the option. In this way, employees will still be motivated to excel the company, all the while be ensured they will receive their compensation. In addition, the accounting burdens are no longer as immense and allow for a smooth flowing of financial sheets.


Although knockouts seem as if it solves all of the problems, it merely fixes most of them. Companies will still have to communicate with their financial auditors to know if the option is a fit for that specific corporation. Additionally, Goldstein recommends companies to wait six to eight months before fully exercising the option.


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