Jeff Herman Offers Advice To Parents Wishing To Speak To Children Regarding Sexual Abuse

Jeff Herman is an attorney that has been nationally recognized for his work with survivors of sexual abuse and exploitation of all types. Recently, as part of his constant efforts to aid parents in keeping their children safe from sexual exploitation, Mr. Herman has provided a short list of helpful tips for parents that wish to speak to their children about the subject.

Age Appropriate Conversations

Herman suggests that the conversations between parents and their children regarding their bodies and healthy boundaries should begin early in the child’s life and include language that is appropriate to the child’s age. It is important that children understand which parts of their anatomy is off-limits to other individuals and have the vocabulary to discuss such matters appropriately.

The Power Of The Word ‘No’

Children of all ages should understand that saying ‘no’ is always within their rights when they are made to feel uncomfortable. It is important that the child understands that no one, even those individuals that represent authority, has the right to cause them to not feel comfortable.

Use Examples

Kids should understand that many friendly faces could possibly have sinister intentions. A fine line should be balanced so as not to cause undue stress or worry to the child while giving them specific examples of how to handle inappropriate touching or other activities by others.

Keep Dialogue Open

Instruction to a child on this matter should not be a singular event and the conversation should run both ways. Abuse prevention involves establishing and maintaining clear and open lines of communication with children while maintaining parental involvement in all aspects of their lives.

About Jeff Herman

Jeff Herman was a key player in exposing the major abuse scandal by clergy with the Archdiocese in Miami as well as other dioceses across the country. Herman secured a $100 million settlement in 2011 on behalf of a client that had been taken advantage of by a priest and has represented the interests of several men that lodged complaints against puppeteer Kevin Glash.

Jeff Herman is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida and his practice is exclusive to the representation of sexual abuse victims in the United States.