How Renovia Is Helping Women Across the World Fight Pelvic Floor Disorder

Pelvic floor disorder is a problem that has been affecting women across the globe. It is estimated that close to 200 million women have in one way or another suffered from this dysfunction. Chaired by Marc Beer who also happens to be the co-founder, Renovia Inc., commonly known as Renovia is dedicated to free women from the chains of pelvic floor dysfunction.


Pelvic floor disorder occurs when the muscles of the pelvic floor are rendered weak and weary. Women that experience this problem may have difficulties with urination or bowel movements. This disorder only affects women and as they age, their chances to get affected increases as well. Learn more:


Renovia has set aside funds that are meant to fund this fight against urinary incontinence. Just recently the company allocated close to $42.3 million to finance this project. Part of this money will be used to fund clinical trials that are run by the company. Some of the other finances will be channeled to corporate development, future financial projects and the development of products.


Of the total $42.3 million, $32.3 million was in Series B equity while the rest of the money was in the form of venture debt. Perceptive Advisors and Ascension Ventures led in the financing of the Series B equity. Special mention goes to Longwood Fund, Cormorant Asset Management, Western Technology Investment and BayCross Capital Group who specifically acted as the advisor to Renovia.


In a statement, Marc Beer, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of Renovia, expressed his excitement to have the support of this group that comprises of leading players in the healthcare field. According to Beer, these investors share the same vision with his company which is to change the lives of millions of women around the world that suffer from pelvic floor disorder. He added that “formation of a digital health platform through combining innovative and sensory technologies can give our customers valuable data to inform new treatment options, drive greater technology and understanding of pelvic floor dysfunction and lower long-term healthcare costs.


Since its formation in 2016, Renovia has been in the leading front to develop a product that has the potential to positively impact the lives of the affected women. The company introduced the FDA-cleared device which helps in the isolation and directs optimal movement of the levator plate. Together with the full product pipeline, this devise is an example of the modern data management technology and patient-related applications that Renovia is using to provide real-time cost effective treatment. In addition, this technology helps the company to collect important progress data on women’s pelvic health.

Harnessing the power of digital health, Renovia is determined to help millions of affected women by providing cost-effective services for the pelvic floor disorder.

Graeme Holm’s Reasons for Establishing Infinity Group Australia

Despite Graeme Holm and Rebecca being married to each other, they are also partners who decided to work jointly to bring Infinity Group Australia to existence. He is not only its founder but also serves as Infinity Group Director. Also, he is among the top100 MBA dealers. He has been serving in the financial industry for seventeen years, therefore, means that he is highly equipped with knowledge and skills related to economic issues. Although, he spent the first decade of his career while dedicatedly serving a Big Four banking industry that happened to be his first experience in the banking sector. While working there, he was able to learn much, and this became the door opener of seeing him succeed to where he stands right now.


The idea to come up with Infinity group was driven by various factors that may include; Financial Institutions were offering inferior deals to the Australians citizen an also Graeme Holm was experiencing frustrations which were due to only one kind of a commodity being traded. Infinity Group Australia does involve itself in many activities as well as the delivery of services, but it has mainly majored in offering the following services; credit minimization, assets creation and offering retirement solution. Due to delivering the best services than its counterparts, its effort has been recognized and honored on several occasions. It has been given the award-winning journalism as well as earning and retaining an excellent reputation for itself. Also, Australian Financial Reviews has acknowledged Infinity Group accomplishment by ranking it to be 58th firm nationally that is most innovative among a total of 100 companies nominated from Australia and all over New Zealand.


In Holm perspective, Infinity Group Australia came to existence to ensure that the ongoing leadership, as well as the support offered to clients while going through their loan journey, was revived to be better than before. Also, the company stands to be an essential tutor on issues and concerns relating to personal finance to customers who need their services considering that its founders like Holm are very experienced in financial sector thus they expect to learn more and directly from the source.


Finally, the people who are receptive to the Group’s services tend to benefit a lot from it because they are capable of repaying a loan expected to take a more extended period in a short time. Also, Holm’s point of view is that due to these services borrowers get adequate time to attend to their work and also spend some time with their family. The reason behind is that they tend to trust that their bills are being taken care of by a supportive approach. The clients of Infinity Group Australia are so grateful to Graeme Holm for the kind initiative that he has made in their consideration. Lern more:

The Artful, Eclectic Residence of Alex Pall That Marks His Music Success

It’s a mark of great talent to be able to rally around fans to listen to one’s performance, work of art or product. But it’s a mark of more impressive character or personality if the person or group is able to strive more to improve one’s craft or creation. This may very well easily be the statement to describe the kind of success that The Chainsmokers is experiencing lately. And this story of success has been detailed well in a Wall Street Journal feature article about the EDM duo band.

The Wall Street Journal feature about The Chainsmokers was an attempt to go inside one of the duos behind the EDM band, and this is no other than The Chainsmokers chief creator, Alex Pall. In the article, readers are presented with the kind of taste, aesthetics or personal art preferences of Alex Pall that may or may have shaped his music. It is there that people can see in Alex Pall’s home how his fame, success and wealth of mixing music has drawn an accumulation of architectural styles reserved for kings or queens.

It’s also added in the feature that it was Peti Lau who helped Pall create his home. The home that’s filled with defining architectural details and that reflects Pall’s personal taste. Lau is a New York-based designer and in the case with designing Alex Pall’s room, it was evident that she was indeed the masterful interior decorator.

It’s also fitting to add here that Alex Pall used stone fireplaces and 1930’s inspired entryways as accents to his home. In essence, his room has an artful bohemian eclecticism that fashions a room filled with color and Asian influences.

Readers can also see from the article that Pall really uses a lot of neon in his designs. Patterns that capture the eye and mesmerize may also be a fascinating addition in the design taste of Pall in his room. One is almost even given a sense of creative freedom just by looking at how Pall arranged the entire decals and elements of his apartment.

It’s also hard to ignore the Bedroom Drama that can be seen in the home of Pall. From the curtains to the piano detail, there’s a look of eclectic sophistication in the entire residence that’s hard to replicate.

The ChainSmokers Creating Success

There are many different music groups who are in the mainstream music Market radar. with this generation having access to all the music of generations before hand, there are new and interesting facts of music and groups that come out every day. Some come and go as one hit wonders, but others attain legendary feats and are just known for having Quality Music. The Chainsmokers is one of the latter. The Chainsmokers is a group that recently released an album that became number 1 in the country there really are some example of what this generation Musical artist can do.

The Chainsmokers is a rule that was free agent in New York City. the group how’s it going through member changes, but the definitive version of the group was born in 2012. the group consists of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. together this group creates and produces pop music that has EDM elements as well as Electronic and dance music components. they first rose to fame with their head #selfie Which was released in December of 2013. they are on a roll with the hits and now a number one album.

The Chainsmokers new album memories… do not open debuted at the number one spot on the billboard Hot 100.Dismiss measures the most popular and hot phones that are playing around the country. it has a main number one for record-setting third most week as number one on the charts history. Dora rubbing shoulders with legendary group like the gorillas and they create Quality Music. Even with the success of their album The Chainsmokers are looking for their next sound. they value shredding beautiful and excellent art over just achieving High sales numbers. it seems they know what they’re doing as they are still top the number one spot. it is safe to assume the world can’t wait to hear the next composition from this group.

Championing A Cure For Muscular Dystrophy and other Genetic Diseases: Scott Rockledge

The life sciences have always been a passionate pursuit for Scott Rockledge. His expertise is in healthcare management. He has worked with Cubist Pharmaceuticals in testing effective treatments and drug trials for genetic disorders. He also worked in research and development at Salutar and Catalytica for a number of clinical trials. His accomplishments include the FDA approval of three new drug applications for Omniscan™, Teslascan®, and Cubicin®.


Rockledge’s experience in life science management, specifically in the pharmaceutical industry, led him to join 5AM Ventures in 2003. 5AM Ventures utilizes a hands-on approach when investing in entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry. This hands-on approach has recently provided much-needed support for Expansion Therapeutics. Expansion Therapeutics is looking to raise Series A financing for a potential treatment for muscular dystrophy and other genetic diseases. Learn more:


Matthew D. Disney, Ph.D. is heading the research to control the RNA molecules that can become toxic when it reaches a certain level. Myotonic dystrophy type 1 (DM1) is the type of muscular dystrophy found in adults. The research that Dr. Disney and his colleagues at Expansion Therapeutics looks promising. Small molecule medications are proven to be effective in some cases. Dr. Disney is hopeful that in time many of these disease-related RNA issues can be addressed.


Rockledge has formulated a plan based on Disney’s research on the effects of RNA on cells. This knowledge will help advance the field of research into the cures for these devasting diseases.


Rockledge’s team of life science experts provide a wealth of information and resources to support entrepreneurs who are working to cure genetic diseases. Rockledge’s mission is to help scientists, researchers and other interested parties reach their goals. It is important to him that they get the support they need to help patients with unmet needs. Rockledge is happy to support Expansion Therapeutics’ endeavors to find a cure for muscular dystrophy.


The strategy that Rockledge adheres to in his everyday life shows in his organizational skills and his eagerness to embrace new technologies. He advises everyone that they shouldn’t be afraid of measured risk-taking. He supports healthcare entrepreneurs wholeheartedly