There is more to Real Estate than just building beautiful structures, says developer Lee May.

Real Estate business is one of the most competitive industries all over the globe. It requires experience, patience, razor-sharp business skills and high creativity and design. Real Estate is not only about building towering skyscrapers orĀ  and apartments. It starts with the ability to build and demonstrate confidence. Deals in this sector will dance at the tune of billions. Investors in the industry are equally as large, as almost every billionaire in the world has a hand in real estate.


As it turns, there are many real estate companies and developers and Lee May is at the top of the best developers in the UK and around the globe. Lee, who started as a laborer and bricklayer, has grown to establish his command in the business. So sublime has been his success that he has now struck million dollar deals around the world, including Hong Kong and Canada. This is the icing on the cake, given his robust achievements in London real estate business.


Perhaps prosperity has been a loyal disciple of Lee May, because of his experience and patience in the industry, or because of his desire, passion and hunger to be an accomplished entrepreneur. His interaction with the industry began at a tender age of sixteen when he worked as a hod carrier. His determination to be more and challenge the status quo pushed him to North West Kent College he became a licensed City and Guilds bricklayer. Ten years later he would become among the most prominent brickwork subcontractors in south England engaging more than six hundred employees. He has steadily built his real estate business securing massive deals for multi-billion development of 628 apartments in East London and also a thousand units in Essex.


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May is most notable for his role as an adviser for Beamridge, which is a reputable , giant construction firm in London. Lee May is passionate about boxing and sports in general, and he has sponsored and given his time and resources to many amateur boxing clubs in London. Recently Lee helped raise funds geared towards buying a bus for the Nemesis Boxing Club. Lee May is an avid supporter of youth initiatives, and he has helped many young people seeking to venture into business and avoid a life of crime.

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Lee May Continues Professional Development After Attaining Success