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Who Is Securus Technologies: The Leaders In Inmate Technology


There are more reasons to become a part of the popular Securus Technologies family for proven cost saving features and a strong customer support team. They have been able to process over 34.6 million calls annually for their customers with little to no inaccuracies associated with their network. Join the team of professionals with over 20,000+ IT professionals available to assist you with your new or existing account. They’re also the recent recipients of the Gold Stevie Award for customer service excellence. Visit their website and leave your comments to support their customer service team today.


Securus Technologies: Wireless Containment


Their wireless containment feature at Securus is a new piece of technology that is set to launch in a few months. Get the benefits of a wireless containment technology conveniently installed by a Securus Technologies expert. Thousands of customers each year have been a part of their loyal leadership team of professionals. Their technology will stop the threat of illegal cellphone use without jeopardizing the signal of other employees. Law enforcement personnel will be able to focus on other aspects of the correctional facility with additional remote safety and monitoring features.


The GovPayNet Technology


The GovPayNet technology has continued to be a part of the popular Securus payment processing technology. They’re one of the largest government debit and credit cards. You have the benefit of securing technology that will protect your personal information and provide you with confidentiality features Your payment will be processed within 1 to 24 hours. Their technology is currently bring used at select facility locations and has mimicked the success of their other partnerships including their international deal with their certification 1 accreditation. They have been ale to launch a successful global calling network.


Securus Technologies: Features & Services


Inmate Email


Enjoy the benefits of having an inmate email account under the Securus Tech tab located on their website. The inmate feature requires a virtual stamp available at Securus. You cam send a email saying hello to an inmate, or prepare for a trial with the Securus email technology.


Remote Visits


The remote visit feature is a unique opportunity for inmates to talk to their friends and love ones securely online. They offer a high definition photo with the ability to be used over a multiple compatible device accessibility.


Their crime prevention program has been a successful initiative created by their CEO, and professional business leader, Rick A. Pickens. Visit the Securus portal and choose the features and services that work best for your inmate calling needs and save more of your money today.


Securus Technologies Offers Excellent Services to Inmates

Securus Technologies is manned by Rick Smith. He is not only smart but has vast experience in telecommunications. Since he joined the firm in 2008, he has exuded wisdom in managing this correctional facility. Securus Technologies offers services to public safety too. There is one factor that sets this company aside Securus Technologies has the ability to invent safety gadgets that connect prisoners with families. Every three months, Securus Technologies works hard to come up with safety gadgets for communication.


The establishment of Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies was formed in 1986. The organization is geographically located in Texas. With regional offices in Atlanta and Allen, the firm has been able to extend its services to most prisons. In terms of man power, Securus Technologies has over 1,000 employees in administration and other jurisdictions. The firm boasts of being able to offer services to over 2,600 prisons. In Canada, the firm has been able to serve about 1,000 prisoners. Is it projected that Securus Technologies has invested over $ 600 million towards technologies.


The development of helpful gadgets


In three years’ time, Securus Technologies had registered unmatched performance in service delivery. The organization introduced technological communication gadgets that have been serving prisoners for decades. What is more, Securus Technologies has initiated the development of offender management systems and video visitation, two factors that have bettered the prisons system.


In 2016, Securus Technologies published positive comments from customers. These customers had enjoyed the services offered by Securus Technologies. Below are some of the comments that the organization received after hiding the names of the clients:


  • One client said that Securus Technologies has been helpful in solving a case. This is because the case was solved by using a modern gadget to arrest a corrupt member of staff. Calls were traced to the specific person. That is why the character was arrested and put behind bars.


  • Another client stated that Securus Technologies was helpful in monitoring alcohol use in a correctional facility. The relevant authority also utilized modern gadgets provided by Securus Technologies to establish sources of threats and conversation concerning money laundering. Until now. Securus Technologies has assisted more than 1,000 clients to solve cases.


Securus Technology-Connecting, the Inmates with the Real World.

Despite the fact that people detained in correction units have done wrong things, does not mean that they do not deserve any love anymore. We still value them as family and friends. Not having a chance to communicate with them would kill the bond we once shared with them, because we don’t spend as much time as we spend with them when they are at home. Luckily the Securus Company under the leadership of Rick Smith has been able to solve this mystery for us.

Securus Company works with correction facilities in providing them with technology. It specializes in the criminal and civil technology. They focus on protecting the society without neglecting the detainees as well. Securus technology has come up with technology that allows the convicts to communicate with the outside world through both visual and voice calls. The prisoners are, therefore, able to keep in touch with the world.

Use of this technology for other purposes could adversely affect the security of the citizens. This is because it could be misused leading to prison breaks. The convicts who may run away may not be fully reformed causing harm to the world. Securus technology has considered this factor and coded the gadgets in a way that prevents such occurrences.

Their other detainees who have been locked up for decades. Such inmates may lose contact with the real world if not updated. This condition may affect the prisoners on being released. The Securus technology has come up with an embedded email that the prisoners sign up and gets updates on the developments of the world. This eases adjustments to normal life being released.

Securus technology has been very beneficial to us. It has helped solve many investigations using their gadgets. The Securus rates are also fair and affordable. Securus technology has revolutionized the world to a better place by considering both the security of the world without forgetting the inmates.