OCC Improves its Recycling Facility

Orange Coast College (OCC) is arguably the fastest developing community college in the Orange County. Recently, the college was the talk of the town for its state-of-the art planetarium. Now the college is hitting the headlines for its newly commissioned recycling center and classes. The center was constructed with donations of $1.5 million from Associated Students of Orange Coast College (ASOCC), $5 million from Measure M, and $500,000 from CR&R.  Learn more: https://www.starbucks.com/store-locator/store/9974/orange-coast-college-2701-fairview-road-costa-mesa-ca-926265563-us

The new recycling center features new facilities. They include new showers for workers to bath after work, increased parking space, and improved machines that can handle a variety of materials that need to be recycled at the facility. The Environmental Sustainability Coordinator Mike Carey explained that the new facility had attracted more users, he precisely quotes a 25% increase of users since the facility was opened on Aug. 21. He states that the college is planning on attracting new users by advertising the new service in print, media, and inserts in utility bills. More users mean increase revenues for students and reduced pollution of the environment.
The new recycling facility accepts not only a variety of materials but also charges are reasonable. Cans below 24 ounces attract a fee of 5 cents while those above 24 ounces are charged $0.1. Jerry Mckinzie, a regular at the facility, claims that he makes over $20 every time his visits the center with recyclable materials. Once the bottles are sorted in the facility, they are arranged and shipped to different places where they are made into new materials.

OCC is situated on an expansive piece of land that offers enough room for work and play. As at present, the college is the nation’s largest and finest community colleges. The college has been keen on improving its infrastructure to enable students to learn using the best facilities and modern technology.
OCC is a community college in Orange County, California. The institution was established in 1947, but studies commenced in 1948. The college has witnessed exponential growth, and it is ranked the third largest community college in the Orange County regarding the number of students in the facility. Learn more: http://www.coastreportonline.com/campus_news/news/article_81418aca-933e-11e7-a8be-53b844a797fb.html