Sightsavers Wins Abstract Award


Sightsavers is an effective eye care center that has been providing genuine and trusted health services for many years. Their treatments has changed many people lives, particularly patients that experience financial hardship and patients that endure disabilities. In 2012, the company develops the Global Trachoma Mapping Project that utilizes cell phones to retrieve and process information about the spread of Trachoma. By 2017, the company praises it’s One Billion application in medicine for disregarded tropical diseases.

What Do Sightsavers Do?

Sightsavers protect their patient’s sights, assist in eliminating diseases and stands up for disability rights. Their work is performed in more than twenty-seven countries worldwide and they collaborate with regional, national, local and international privately owned and government owned companies. With these companies’ assistance Sightsavers has the ability to deliver treatments, perform surgeries and eye care for patients with disabilities. They have opened a platform to enhance healthcare to design effective projects.

The generous donations have assisted the company to tackle more than four hundred and thirty-five treatments to shield against lack of sight. Sightsavers has brought forth eye care restoration for cataract procedures that helps more than one hundred and seventy-seven thousand patients with disabilities to live a healthier life. Sightsavers do their best to research the most affordable and effective solutions to treat these health concerns. Their consistent approach and hard work is certainly appreciated by many.