Genucel: The Nature of Aging Gracefully

Aging is one of the sometimes hard-to-swallow facts of life, and chasing the “Fountain of Youth” has been depicted in numerous ways over the course of many years. And although we must accept that aging is inevitable, Genucel is helping people around the globe achieve something close to finding that elusive fountain, with nature-based products that promote aging gracefully.


Genucel is manufactured by a company called Chamonix, whose founder, a pharmacist named George Faltaous, has been creating anti-aging solutions since 1999. The difference between Mr. Faltaous and everyone else in the world of anti-aging products was his focus on, and inspiration from, nature in his formulations, versus their focus on chemical-based solutions created in labs.


So, why did Faltaous stray from the chemical norms of his competition when formulating the anti-aging products for Genucel? Because nature has been depended on for anti-aging plants and herbs by civilizations, like the ancient Mayans and Egyptians, far longer than laboratories have been in existence. With the creation of these other harsh, chemical-based products, many adverse side effects have been reported, some even years after initial use! Faltaous decided to stick to nature-based anti-aging therapies and provide users of Genucel solutions with ingredients provided by the earth such as:

  • Calendula flower extract


  • Grape seed oil


  • Other natural sources of Vitamins A, E and Ester-C


Genucel anti-aging technologies, which have been developed over years of careful experimentation, and the technological breakthroughs provided by Chaminox, create the perfect duo for younger looking skin the natural way. Remember those potentially adverse side effects of most chemical anti-aging solutions? You won’t ever have to worry about those with Genucel solutions! Nearly every ingredient used in Genucel products can be found in nature (some of them are already present in our bodies, though in limited quantities), so the all-natural approach is designed to enhance what we already have within us to fight off aging.


Chamonix bases its anti-aging technology off of efficacy and safety, providing the production of all Genucel solutions with the same measure of care and consistency. Each product has been guided by the inputs/opinions of users who are loyal to the brand. All of these measures are taken to provide the users of these products not with the secret to perpetual youth, but with nature- and efficacy- based solutions to aging that address their actual needs without harming their skin. The Genucel difference for the nature of aging gracefully is the effective use of natural technologies created by Chamonix founder, George Faltaous, for maintaining young-looking, beautiful skin for years to come!