Talk Fusion: A Well Rounded Company

In 2007 Bob Reina launched Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is a global video marketing company based out of Brandon, Florida. Talk Fusion deliver clear advanced visual and audio technology to their customers all over the world. They also offer help and support to people in the communities. Their mission is to provide people with high-quality video technology and the help that they need to reach their full potential.

Bob Reina works to help people make their dreams come true and build great futures. He leads by example and donates to charity within his community. The most fantastic donation he has made so far was $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. He encourages his employees to get in their community and help those in need. He helps advance society through technology also.

Bob Reina keeps up with technology trends and gives his ideas to his IT team to make sure that they stay ahead of their competition. They aim to help companies launch quality campaign and high-quality conferences.

Bob Reina was inspired to create Talk Fusion after AOL notified him that video messaging was impossible. He has used this company birthed out of his misfortune. He created the company to change the lives of his customers and employees.

Talk Fusion has launched innovative, high-quality video conference software that has significantly changed the lives of the people that have decided to use the products. This new program will allow people to deliver one way videos and operate video based conferences.

Talk Fusion’s new software gives companies the options to host video conferences conveniently. Meetings are no longer limited to the board room. The new program allows flexibility in the time and location of the meeting they are having. The program is compatible with tablets, smartphones, and computers. Talk Fusion doesn’t want to limit their users to one device they want to give them options.

The new program also has a presentable video presentation and clear audio. Talk Fusion takes pride in providing quality products to their customers. Host are also allowed to test the program to make sure that their presentation will show in a professional manner.

In addition to Bob Reina’s work at Talk Fusion, he works with HuffPost. Reina is a valuable asset to HuffPost. His dedication to humanity has inspired HuffPost and others to rebrand themselves to service everyone to the best of their ability. Learn more:


Financial Investment Adviser, Richard Blair Says More Clients Consider Pensions Abroad


Texas independent financial adviser, Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions says one in three Americans are not ready for retirement, and even worse, nearly half of today’s households have no nest egg at all. This is why more and more retirees are choosing to live abroad.




Eucador, Thailand, Spain, and Mexico are just a few of the foreign places pensioners are moving to. “Many people dream of living where others spend their holidays,” says Blair. The biggest hurdle is clarifying any foreign tax restrictions, and for the most part, pensions are not taxed abroad, but you are still responsible for paying taxes in the U.S. if you retain citizenship. Even so, just about every one retiring abroad say they spend less than half of what they would living in the United States.




Many former clients are now living a wealthier lifestyle with mind-blowing views, and it’s not penny pinching, says Richard Blair. For those who can barely sustain in the U.S., retiring overseas is a 180-degree turn. The bottom line is residing in a less expensive area can significantly prolong your retirement fund.




Planning Ahead




Make time your ally. Someone who earns just $50,000 a year at age 30, and puts away 14 percent of pay, will have nearly $500,000 saved by age 60. Yet saving aggressively can be a tall order at any age. Blair says power saving during your twenties and thirties can get you closer to the one million dollar mark.




Blair strongly recommends resisting the urge to borrow from your retirement savings. Almost 7 percent of savers tend to borrow against their 401k plans. It’s tempting to hit up your retirement account, like the 401k, for a big-ticket item,such as buying a home. Trouble is, you may shortchange your future. There are no do-overs in retirement, says Blair.




Another problem is when you switch jobs. Surveys find that nearly 42 percent of people who leave their jobs cash out their 401k, instead of a rollover. Not only does this trigger a penalty, but you also get stung by taxes. Blair recommends rolling over your 401k to a new plan. He also says keep the faith in stocks. Millionaires take reasonable risks, so check your tolerance and diversify to get the best advantage.


No matter where you plan on retiring, whether in the U.S. or abroad, you still should be smart about investing.




Richard Blair is a graduate of the University of Houston where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. Throughout his 20 year career, Blair has helped clients with estate, investment, and retirement planning. He’s a dual licensed adviser with several professional certifications including, CAS, CES, CFS, CIS, CTS, RICP. Blair continues to expand his so he can always help clients navigate today’s challenging financial environments.




Through client career changes, marriages, divorce, births and deaths, Richard Blair strives to ensure their investment and financial strategy is tailored to their lifestyle requirements. In addition to his commitment to financial planning, Blair enjoys spending quality time with his wife, Joanne, and three kids.


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Nutrisystem – Take Control of Your Life


Diet meal plans are great but they can tend to be expensive and hard to work into your budget but not all diet meals [plans cost the same. In fact, some are substantially more expensive than others and don’t even include all the perks of others.


Nutrisystem costs about $11.96 per day (according to and that includes three delicious meals and snacks. Nutrisystem offers three plans that range in price. The Basic Plan costs about $9.82 per day about $274.99 for four full weeks of meals and snacks. The Core plan is $10.54 per day and the cost for four weeks of meals and snacks works out to be about $294.99. The Uniquely Yours plan comes to about $11.96 per day and works out to be $334.99 for four weeks. This is the plan with the highest value and you get more menu options with this meal plan as well.


Similar meal plans will cost you as much as $134.96 per week or about $19.28 per day. If you want snacks that will cost extra.


With Nutrisystem you get great meals and snacks at a reasonable cost and you even get a money back guarantee. You also don’t have to pay for shipping fees or membership fees. You also get a guarantee of losing up to 13 pounds and 7 inches in just the first month. Whatever plan you go with you know it will be effective, affordable, and convenient and you have nothing to lose since you have a money back guarantee.


Nutrisystem offers meal plans that work out to be about $3 a meal which is much cheaper than eating out and very comparable to what you would spend at the grocery store. Plus, you don’t have to plan your meals, make grocery lists, shop for items, get them home and then have to cook your food. Nutrisystem is ideal for the modern pace of life that tends to be busy and hectic.


With Nutrisystem, you don’t just get great meals that are easy to incorporate into your busy day, but you also get the support of dietitians and consultants.

Betsy DeVos and Family Foundation Contributes Largely Each Year to Various Organizations

Betsy DeVos is an avid politician who dips her hand into American business. Currently Betsy DeVos is the current member of the United States Secretary of Education. Betsy is an avid republican that has shown her support for the system of school choice, the school voucher system and backing charter schools. In Michigan, Betsy served as the Republic National Committee member during 1992 to 1997. She served as the chairwoman in the Michigan Republic Party for 4 years, from 1996 to the year 2000. She was reelected to the post in 2003.


Betsy has been advocating for the charter school in Detroit and sits as a member for the Foundation for Excellence in Education’s board. She has also sat on the board for the Alliance for School Choice as well as for the Action Institute and All Children Matter.


Betsy is married to Dick DeVos, former CEO of the company Amway, a multi-level marketing company. She is the daughter in law of the co-founder of Amway, billionaire Richard DeVos. The sister to a retired Navy Seal, Erik Prince. Erik is the founder of the business Blackwater USA. They are the children of the founder of Prince Corporation, Edgar Prince. Forbes listed the family as the 88th wealthiest families holding a net worth of more than $5 billion dollars.


Betsy DeVos was nominated as the Secretary of Education during President Trump’s administration. On January 31, 2017, Betsy was awarded the position following a party line vote held by the Senate Committee. She was officially confirmed to the position on February 7, 2017 following a vote margin of 51-50. Vice President Mike Pence was the tie breaker within the nomination and it was a first time in history that the nomination had been decided following a Vice Presidents vote for a tiebreaker.


The philanthropist work that Dick and Betsy DeVos foundation for charitable giving that is motivated according to their faith. The center of the foundation is cultivated during leadership, guidance in support of five areas with the main focus on education and community. 2015 brought in contributions of $11 million of charitable donations. The lifetime donations brought forth by the couple to the tune of $139 million dollars. Forbes listed the DeVos family as 24 on the list of givers in the United States in 2015.


The family foundation has donated large donations to local art organizations, health research as well as to hospitals. They offer donations to conservative missions, free market think tanks as well as to Christian Schools. The foundation has donated over $100 million dollars from 1999 to 2014 with those donations being handed out to Christian organizations. Organizations which they have donated to include Michigan’s Foundation of Traditional Values along with Center for Individual Rights, the Michigan Pregnancy Resource Center and the Right to Life organization.


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Securus Technologies Offers Excellent Services to Inmates

Securus Technologies is manned by Rick Smith. He is not only smart but has vast experience in telecommunications. Since he joined the firm in 2008, he has exuded wisdom in managing this correctional facility. Securus Technologies offers services to public safety too. There is one factor that sets this company aside Securus Technologies has the ability to invent safety gadgets that connect prisoners with families. Every three months, Securus Technologies works hard to come up with safety gadgets for communication.


The establishment of Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies was formed in 1986. The organization is geographically located in Texas. With regional offices in Atlanta and Allen, the firm has been able to extend its services to most prisons. In terms of man power, Securus Technologies has over 1,000 employees in administration and other jurisdictions. The firm boasts of being able to offer services to over 2,600 prisons. In Canada, the firm has been able to serve about 1,000 prisoners. Is it projected that Securus Technologies has invested over $ 600 million towards technologies.


The development of helpful gadgets


In three years’ time, Securus Technologies had registered unmatched performance in service delivery. The organization introduced technological communication gadgets that have been serving prisoners for decades. What is more, Securus Technologies has initiated the development of offender management systems and video visitation, two factors that have bettered the prisons system.


In 2016, Securus Technologies published positive comments from customers. These customers had enjoyed the services offered by Securus Technologies. Below are some of the comments that the organization received after hiding the names of the clients:


  • One client said that Securus Technologies has been helpful in solving a case. This is because the case was solved by using a modern gadget to arrest a corrupt member of staff. Calls were traced to the specific person. That is why the character was arrested and put behind bars.


  • Another client stated that Securus Technologies was helpful in monitoring alcohol use in a correctional facility. The relevant authority also utilized modern gadgets provided by Securus Technologies to establish sources of threats and conversation concerning money laundering. Until now. Securus Technologies has assisted more than 1,000 clients to solve cases.


OCC Improves its Recycling Facility

Orange Coast College (OCC) is arguably the fastest developing community college in the Orange County. Recently, the college was the talk of the town for its state-of-the art planetarium. Now the college is hitting the headlines for its newly commissioned recycling center and classes. The center was constructed with donations of $1.5 million from Associated Students of Orange Coast College (ASOCC), $5 million from Measure M, and $500,000 from CR&R.  Learn more:

The new recycling center features new facilities. They include new showers for workers to bath after work, increased parking space, and improved machines that can handle a variety of materials that need to be recycled at the facility. The Environmental Sustainability Coordinator Mike Carey explained that the new facility had attracted more users, he precisely quotes a 25% increase of users since the facility was opened on Aug. 21. He states that the college is planning on attracting new users by advertising the new service in print, media, and inserts in utility bills. More users mean increase revenues for students and reduced pollution of the environment.
The new recycling facility accepts not only a variety of materials but also charges are reasonable. Cans below 24 ounces attract a fee of 5 cents while those above 24 ounces are charged $0.1. Jerry Mckinzie, a regular at the facility, claims that he makes over $20 every time his visits the center with recyclable materials. Once the bottles are sorted in the facility, they are arranged and shipped to different places where they are made into new materials.

OCC is situated on an expansive piece of land that offers enough room for work and play. As at present, the college is the nation’s largest and finest community colleges. The college has been keen on improving its infrastructure to enable students to learn using the best facilities and modern technology.
OCC is a community college in Orange County, California. The institution was established in 1947, but studies commenced in 1948. The college has witnessed exponential growth, and it is ranked the third largest community college in the Orange County regarding the number of students in the facility. Learn more:

Securus Technology-Connecting, the Inmates with the Real World.

Despite the fact that people detained in correction units have done wrong things, does not mean that they do not deserve any love anymore. We still value them as family and friends. Not having a chance to communicate with them would kill the bond we once shared with them, because we don’t spend as much time as we spend with them when they are at home. Luckily the Securus Company under the leadership of Rick Smith has been able to solve this mystery for us.

Securus Company works with correction facilities in providing them with technology. It specializes in the criminal and civil technology. They focus on protecting the society without neglecting the detainees as well. Securus technology has come up with technology that allows the convicts to communicate with the outside world through both visual and voice calls. The prisoners are, therefore, able to keep in touch with the world.

Use of this technology for other purposes could adversely affect the security of the citizens. This is because it could be misused leading to prison breaks. The convicts who may run away may not be fully reformed causing harm to the world. Securus technology has considered this factor and coded the gadgets in a way that prevents such occurrences.

Their other detainees who have been locked up for decades. Such inmates may lose contact with the real world if not updated. This condition may affect the prisoners on being released. The Securus technology has come up with an embedded email that the prisoners sign up and gets updates on the developments of the world. This eases adjustments to normal life being released.

Securus technology has been very beneficial to us. It has helped solve many investigations using their gadgets. The Securus rates are also fair and affordable. Securus technology has revolutionized the world to a better place by considering both the security of the world without forgetting the inmates.


How Adam Milstein is changing the Face of Philanthropy

Why Antsemitism?

Currently, there are anti-semites taking pride casting off the Jewish people; they have delegitimized them to an extent where political institutions and even courts of law have turned their back against them. It is slowly encroaching our moral fabric, and such incidences need to be put to a halt. The onset of achieving this trait will involve knowing the persons behind anti-Israel campaigns. The move will also include creating a network of pro-Israel champions who will promote online discourse on the need for shunning such unprogressive ideologies.

Adam Milstein and Philanthropy

In beginning such a move, a personality that comes to mind is one Adam Milstein,  As a matter of fact, he is one leader who heart and soul breathe Israel. Coming from a business background with massive success in the real estate business, he has duly committed himself to fundraising, soliciting for legal support for the Jewish community both in America and back in Israel. Adam Milstein’s form of philanthropy navigates the common tendency of other personalities who only contribute money; his approach involves imparting the skills he has acquired in his life to the less privileged. Through his Milstein Foundation, Adam Milstein has dedicated a significant amount of effort in partnering with an organization that ensure are like-minded in this course of uplifting their fellow humankind.

Through his hands-on approach to philanthropy, he has fixed his eyes on uplifting the poor Jewish community through various channels. On such instances, he shares his wisdom on his Adam Milstein Podcast where he also features policy makers, opinion leaders, and activists in conversations that promote cohesion in the society. Adam Milstein has consistently shown a deep connection with the Jewish culture as he has always advocated for a culture of cooperation between the US and the pro-Jewish organizations.