Stream Energy Really Does Care About Their Community

More and more companies are incorporating some kind of philanthropic endeavor into the fabric of their mission statements. After all, consumers are becoming more savvy and eco friendly and like to believe that the good and/ or service they are buying is brought to them by a company that believes in giving back. Stream Energy is one such company.

Stream Energy is a unique company that offers energy service, phone service, security services, and virtual doctors visits. Their staff largely works independently as private contractors, managing customers and services for Stream Energy. One big thing that does bring all staff together is their charity work.

In fact, Stream Energy has such strong ties with the Texas communities they serve, that the energy company has started it’s own philanthropic organization; Stream Cares. Almost all Stream staff members support a cause or organization in their free time. Stream Energy has a long standing association with both the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. The staff members of Stream Energy have a reputation for helping where needed in a quick, efficient manner.

For example: Stream pairs up Hope Supply Co. to give homeless children what they need to have successful days in school. Hope Supply Co. makes sure that children have school supplies, clothing, and diapers when needed. Recently, Stream Cares and Hope Supply Co. Teamed up to send 1,000 homeless children to Dallas area water parks with their mentors for a day of fun.

Stream Cares also helped the organization, Once Upon A Lifetime provide a huge holiday dinner for Veterans and their families and an American Girl Christmas shopping party for Veteran’s daughters. Stream Cares also helps raise money and provide immediate aid for those in need due to drastic weather conditions like when Hurricane Harvey covered north Texas in 56 inches of water, or when tornados touched down one day after Christmas in 2016.

To read more about the Stream Cares organization, please click here.

How Adam Milstein is changing the Face of Philanthropy

Why Antsemitism?

Currently, there are anti-semites taking pride casting off the Jewish people; they have delegitimized them to an extent where political institutions and even courts of law have turned their back against them. It is slowly encroaching our moral fabric, and such incidences need to be put to a halt. The onset of achieving this trait will involve knowing the persons behind anti-Israel campaigns. The move will also include creating a network of pro-Israel champions who will promote online discourse on the need for shunning such unprogressive ideologies.

Adam Milstein and Philanthropy

In beginning such a move, a personality that comes to mind is one Adam Milstein, ¬†As a matter of fact, he is one leader who heart and soul breathe Israel. Coming from a business background with massive success in the real estate business, he has duly committed himself to fundraising, soliciting for legal support for the Jewish community both in America and back in Israel. Adam Milstein’s form of philanthropy navigates the common tendency of other personalities who only contribute money; his approach involves imparting the skills he has acquired in his life to the less privileged. Through his Milstein Foundation, Adam Milstein has dedicated a significant amount of effort in partnering with an organization that ensure are like-minded in this course of uplifting their fellow humankind.

Through his hands-on approach to philanthropy, he has fixed his eyes on uplifting the poor Jewish community through various channels. On such instances, he shares his wisdom on his Adam Milstein Podcast where he also features policy makers, opinion leaders, and activists in conversations that promote cohesion in the society. Adam Milstein has consistently shown a deep connection with the Jewish culture as he has always advocated for a culture of cooperation between the US and the pro-Jewish organizations.