GreenSky Credit Looking for New Financing Options

Being able to gain access to credit when you need it is very important. One company that has been providing consumers with access to reliable loans for more than a decade is GreenSky Credit. This company entered the lending industry just as the financial crisis was hitting. While other lenders were closing down consumer lending wings, this company was continuing to provide new loans. Over the past decade, the company has continued to grow at a very fast rate. They are now a leading provider of consumer loans, which are generally used by people to complete home renovations, repairs, and property expansions.

There are many ways that GreenSky Credit is able to differentiate themselves from other lenders. While there are other private lenders available for online loan, GreenSky Credit has been able to grow at a quick rate due to the partnerships that they have with other lenders. When the company provides you with a loan, they are actually receiving the majority of the capital from a traditional bank. The company then is paid to originate and service the loan going forward. Since they are not required to raise their own capital, the company has been able to grow at a very fast rate.

Due to the great service and growth that the company has been able to achieve, they are continuing to gain interest from investors. GreenSky has gone through several rounds of venture capital and private equity raises. In this time, the company has been able to achieve a valuation that is well in excess of several billion dollars. Due to the continued growth, they are now looking for other ways to raise capital as well.

One of the main strategies that the company is considering today is taking the company public. The CEO, David Zalik, is looking into a variety of strategies that could be used to raise capital in the public markets. If they are able to raise more money through the public markets, it would free up a lot more ability for the company to grow, offer new services, and market to a broader audience.

Sahm Adrangi Successes in his Career

He is the pioneer of a firm known as Kerrisdale Capital Management. Currently, he serves as the company’s Chief Investment Officer. The organization has been operating for the last nine years. Over the years, Sahm Adrangi has played a key role in the growth of the company. According to the statistics provided by Kerrisdale Capital Management in 2017, the firm started with a portfolio of less than $1 million, but it has grown to the current level of $150 million. The amount is expected to grow over the years. Most people know him for regular publishing research and short selling activities. Some of his common works include providing his views on stocks. According to him, there is a lot of misunderstandings about important aspects of the stock market by different players. The clients and followers can access the information from the company’s website, related sites, and by following on Twitter.

After Sahm Adrangi exposed some of the fraudulent Chinese firms in the country in 2010 and 2011, he became popular in the finance sector. According to regulatory bodies, some of the organizations that were engaging in fraud include China Marine Food, China-Biotics, and Lihua International. The Securities and Exchange Commission took disciplinary measures against organizations such as China Education Alliance and the China Cast Education Corp. Recently, the investment expert has turned his focus to biotechnology. He has covered the work of upcoming firms in the sector such as Bavarian Nordic, Sera Therapeutics, and Unilife. Mr. Sahm Adrangi also believes in the mining industry and has some of the recent developments in it. Some of his work has focused on the mining prospects and the valuation of mining companies such as First Majestic Silver and Northern Dynasty Minerals.

Under Sahm Adrangi’s leadership, Kerrisdale Capital Management has also focused on the telecommunication sector. In one of the evaluation reports, he argued that one of the players in the sector, Globalstar, had not performed thorough research in the introduction of their Terrestrial Low Power Service. He is passionate about helping organizations to achieve their financial goals in the long run. The investment officer is also a graduate of Yale University where he studied Economics.